Profile of the Vice Chancellor  
Prof. Dr.M. RAJARAM,  Ph.D.,
Vice Chancellor
Anna University,
Chennai 600 025

Dr.M.Rajaram was born on June 4, 1958, to Thiru.T.Marimuthu and Thirumathi.M.Seenithaiyammal in Theni district. In the midst of a healthy and intellectual upbringing, he obtained his B.E. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Alagappa Chettiyar College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi, in 1981, and started his career from 1982 as a Lecturer in Government College of Engineering, Tirunelveli, to satisfy his passion for teaching and research. Subsequently, he obtained his M.E. in Power Systems from Government College of Technology, Coimbatore, in 1988. Besides having a strong technical expertise and analytical skills, he acquired his Ph.D degree from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, in 1994. Before he was deputed to the Directorate of Technical Education, Chennai, to administer the admission process of students into engineering, polytechnic and catering technology colleges in Tamilnadu, Dr.M.Rajaram served as Senior Lecturer, and then as Selection Grade Lecturer at various Government Colleges of Tamil Nadu during 1982-1997. In addition to teaching at engineering colleges, he had also worked as an administrator for student associations and laboratories. Dr. M. Rajaram was elevated to the rank of Assistant Professor in 2000 and Professor in 2004 and served in many government engineering colleges in Tamilnadu. During his service, Dr.M.Rajaram headed the departments of Electrical and Electronics and Computer Science and Engineering at various government colleges in Tamilnadu.  

By virtue of working for a considerable number of years in the academic arena, he reached the position of the Vice-Chancellor of Anna University of Technology Tirunelveli (AUT-T). During his stint as Vice-Chancellor, Dr.M.Rajaram became known for his contribution of value-creation and value-addition to various sectors such as overall administration, academic affairs, education and research of the University. He was reputed for the timely conduct of examinations in University Departments and Affiliated Colleges and always ensured prompt release of results. He had launched new programmes and curricula in collaboration with foreign universities through MoUs. 

As an active researcher, Dr.M.Rajaram is associated with many foreign Universities. He played a vital role as the Chairman of the Research Board - AUT-T and as a Research Coordinator for Anna University, Chennai. He attracted a number of research projects like TEQIP from many scientific funding agencies. 

He has contributed to the areas of Computer Networks, High Voltage Engineering, Measurement and Instrumentation, Adaptive Controller, Electro-Magnetic Theory, and Intelligent Computing with his 157 publications in renowned research journals, 111 research publications in International Conferences, 73 research publications in National Conferences, more than 100 technical reports and six technical books some of which he has co-authored. 

As a research guide, Dr.M.Rajaram produced 30 Ph.D's (besides six candidates who are awaiting evaluation reports) and four M.S. scholars in various fields. At present, 10 research scholars are pursuing their Ph.D. under his direct supervision. 

An eminent professor, Dr. M. Rajaram made significant contributions to education management. His visionary outlook, outstanding leadership and dedication to excellence in education have helped him become a Member, All India Board of Post Graduate Education in Engineering Technology from March 2008, University Nominee for various staff selection committees, Chair of Inspection Team for granting and restoration of University affiliation, DOTE-TEQIP project selection and implementation board member, one of the resource persons of ISTE at National level for training young Engineering teachers, and Academic Council member for GCT (Autonomous), Coimbatore. 

A technical and education management expert, Dr. M. Rajaram believes that Science, Engineering and Technology are advancing at a fast pace and obsolescence of physical infrastructure, skills and competence takes place rapidly. He is keen on taking steps to improve the existing infrastructure, investment and intellectual strength wherever they exist and network them so as to utilize them effectively and optimally for meeting the changing needs. 

Not only does he profess the values of Indian culture but also does he practice many of the fundamental principles of humanity and society. While dedicating himself to the cause of creating a world class infrastructure, he has also undertaken many community services in various parts of Tamilnadu out of his quest to contribute more to society. 

Currently, Dr.M.Rajaram is the Vice-Chancellor of the internationally leading and highly advanced technical University - Anna University, and he is known for his virtues as a wise mentor, friendly teacher, innovative administrator, and visionary leader.


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