Aerospace Research Centre - Anna University

Director's Desk

In 1949, Shri.C.Rajam an industrialist of madras founded the Madras Institute of Technology with core Faculties of Aeronautics, Automobile Engineering, Electronics and Instrumentation Technology. Since then the institute has continuously grown in strength with additions of new disciplines, a dynamic curriculum in tune today’s changing requirements and student intake at the under and post-graduate levels as well research scholars working for their doctoratal degrees. The Institute become a constituent unit of Anna University in 1978. The Centre for Aerospace Research came into being in the year 2000 and focuses on advancing research in Aerospace Sciences.

The Centre has taken up sponsored research from various aerospace agencies in the country dealing with composite pressure vessel design analysis, low speed characteristics of reusable launch vehicles, determination of temperature distribution in solid propellants, airframe and engine integration concepts for high performance aerospace vehicles. The research and development activities are planned by not only faculty from the Department of Aerospace Engineering but also from other departments in University campus.


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