The Centre for Biotechnology was established in 1987 in Anna University with financial support from Department of Biotechnology, Delhi, University Grants Commission, Delhi and Anna University. The Department of Biotechnology has the following objectives:

The Administrative building is located in the Main Campus, besides to it a separate Academic Complex is situated exclusively to offer teaching programmes. The following U.G and P.G Programmes are offered by the department: B.Tech. Industrial Biotechnology & M.Tech. Biotechnology; B.Tech. & M.Tech. Food Technology; B.Tech. Biopharmaceutical technology & M.Tech. Pharmaceutical Technology; M.Sc Computational Biology; M.Tech. Nanoscience and Technology.

The Department has Centre for Biotechnology and Centre for Food Technology

The Centres have well defined buildings at Taramani Campus with facilities for carrying out research in various areas of Biotechnology and Food Technology.