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Dhanya .P ,M.Sc.

Doctoral Research Scholar

Ph.D. ,: Centre for Climate Change and Adaptation Research, Anna University, Chennai, India

Agriculture productivity is overwhelmingly dependent on the climate variables. The Study focuses on the assessment of the impacts of of climate change on the Agro- ecosystems of TamilNadu. IPCC predicts serious effects on the crop yield even with a temperature rise of 1-2.5 degree C. Forecasting the vulnerability of agricultural productivity to climate change through regional climate models(RCM) and crop impact assessment models will help in framing policies and adaptation strategies to make the agro ecosystems climate resilient. Modeling helps to evolve future adaptation strategies to save the livelihood and to ensure food security through sustainable agricultural practices.

My research aims to project the future climate change scenarios and to study the predicted impact of climate change in the natural and social systems of the coastal regions of Tamil Nadu, India to evolve suitable climate change-coastal adaptation strategies.

Major Research fields and Interests

  • Impact of Climate Change on Crop Yield
  • Ecosystem conservation
  • Farmers' Adaptation to climate change

  • Workshop and Seminars

  • Presented a paper on the "Structure of Social facilities of Kerala" the UGC sponsored National Seminar on "Applications of the
       Digital Spatial Technologies" at Dept of Earth & Atmospheric science ,University of Madras
  • Attended an International SWAT Workshop held on July-16th -17th, 2012 at IIT Delhi to understand the basic model applications.

  • Attended 3rd Annual International Symposium of IGCP 581-"Response of Asian Rivers to Climate Change-Past, Present and Future
       Scenario" held on November 14th -16th,2012 and Presented a paper on the " Inter linkages between Indian Summer Monsoon and
       East Asian Monsoon" at National Geophysical Research Institute, Hyderabad.

  • Attended Second Indian Bio Diversity Congress (IBC 2012), a National Seminar held on 9-11th December 2012 at IISc Bangalore
      and Presented Posters on "Pallikkarani Wetland: A Quandary between Bio Diversity Conservation and Urban Development" as
      second Author and another poster on "Enhancing Plant Growth to sustain biodiversity in the degraded forest" as third author.

  • Attended a National Symposium on "Climate Change and Indian Agriculture: Slicing down the Uncertainties" on 22-23rd January
      2013 and presented a paper on "Past, Present, Future Trends of Climate Change and Its Possible Impacts on the Agriculture of
      Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu" at Central Research Institute for Dry land Agriculture, Hyderabad.

  • Attended a National Seminar on Biological Conservation of Land, Water and Forests: Sustainable Practices and Legal strategies
       on 22-23rd March, 2013 and Presented a paper on "Soil Conservation for Food and Livelihood Security" at The Tamil Nadu Dr.
      Ambedkar Law University, Chennai.

  • Attended an International Conference "High Noon Spring School" April 2nd to 6th 2012 at Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Delhi.