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R.Prasannavenkatesh ,M.Sc.

UGC Meritorious Fellow

Ph.D. ,: Centre for Climate Change and Adaptation Research, Anna University, Chennai, India

Climate trends and extreme events reveal that the Climate is changing now. Even in the near term, has the potential to trigger abrupt transitions such as loss of ecosystem services . The world has warmed by about 0.8 degree C from pre- industrial levels, as reported by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Global warming is caused by two separate types of pollution. One is the long-term buildup of carbon dioxide, which can remain in the atmosphere for centuries. The carbon dioxide problem is hard to fix, because it comes mainly from the burning of fossil fuels, which is so essential to modern life and commerce. The other potent warming agents include three short-lived gases -methane, Black Carbon and lower tropospheric ozone will warm the atmosphere by altering the earth's energy budget . The warming effect of these pollutants, which stay in the atmosphere for several days to about a decade, is already about 80 percent of the amount that carbon dioxide causes. By reducing this Short Lived Climate Forcers (SLCF'S) may provide numerous benefits like avoiding rapid near term climate change that includes changes in temperature and precipitation pattern , and it help to maintain improved regional air quality and health co benefits by reducing Black carbon and ozone. By understanding the growing need this study is framed to Quantify Greenhouse gas emissions and their dispersion in Urban Chennai.

The Research aims to answer the following questions :

  • What is the inter- relationship between air quality and regional climate?
  • How does climate respond to Short lived Climate forcers

  • Conference and Workshop Participated

  • Presented paper entitled "Climate Change impact on livelihoods of Tamil Nadu" in International Seminar on "Climate Change
       and Sustainable Resource Management" from 25th to 26th of February, 2011, Department of Geography, University of
       Madras, Chennai- 600005.
  • Participated US-INDIA Conference and Workshop on Air quality and climate research held at Administrative staff college of
       India, Hyderabad from 14th to 24th march 2011.
  • Participated Indo-US Bilateral Workshop on Global Challenges: Climate Change, Water, Environment and Society held at
        ITM University Gurgoan, India from March 2012.
  • Participated HighNoon Spring School funded by EU on "Adaptation to Changing Water Resources Availability in Northern
       India with Himalayan Glacier Retreat and Changing Monsoon Pattern" held at IIT- Delhi between 02-04-2012 to 06-04-2012.