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P.Radha Priya ,M.Sc.

Doctoral Research Fellow

Ph.D. ,: Centre for Climate Change and Adaptation Research, Anna University, Chennai, India

Biogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium and other nutrients are key factors governing the productivity of forest ecosystems and their response to climate change and disturbance. Forests of the Eastern Ghats in India are among the most productive and carbon rich in the world and soil microbial communities play an important role in sustaining that productivity. Soil microbial communities are critically important for recycling nutrients by the decomposition of soil organic matter, and supply the bulk of these essential nutrients that plants need for growth and carbon uptake. My work examines to enhance the carbon sequestration in degraded forest using microbial rhizosphere engineering technology. Understanding the functional response of soil microbial communities to myriad environmental factors (e.g., climate, geology, natural and human disturbances, tree species, soil development) is important for predicting the response and recovery of forest ecosystems to local, regional, and global events such as wildfire, and climate change.

Major Research fields and Interests

  • Climate change and microbial interactions
  • Climate change and forest carbon nitrogen dynamics
  • The Microbe factor and its role in climate future
  • Climate change and forest model

  • Papers presented

  • Radha Priya P, Navaneetha Gopalakrishnan A, Malini P, Ramachandran A 2012 "Assessment of air pollution tolerance    levels of selected plants around cement industry, Coimbatore, Indian Journal of Environmental Biology, vol.33.
  • Workshops Attended

  • Radha Priya. P*, Remya. K, Dhanya. P, and A. Ramachandran (2012). Nutrient Profile of Nanmangalam Resrve Forest: A
       Step Towards Biodiversity Conservation. Poster presented in Second Indian Biodiversity Congress, 9-11 December. IISC,
  • High Noon Spring School 2012 - collaborative project of European Union titled " Adaptation to Changing water Resources    Availability in Northern India with respect to Himalayan Glacier Retreat and Changing Monsoon Pattern" at Indian Institute of    Technology, Delhi during 2th - 6th of April 2012.