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Remya.K ,M.Sc.

UGC Meritorious Fellow

Ph.D. ,: Centre for Climate Change and Adaptation Research, Anna University, Chennai, India

Climate is one of the most important determinants of vegetation patterns globally and has significant influence on the distribution, structure and ecology of forest. India is one of the mega biodiversity countries where forest account for about 20% of the geographical area. Tamil Nadu contributes about 22643km2 of the forest area. Global assessment has shown that future climate change is likely to significantly impact forest ecosystem. For instance increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations and global warming would directly result in a doubling of the net primary productivity as per IPCC assessments. And an increase of 20C in the global temperature over the next 100 years will cause migration of trees species about 1 to 3 miles every year. Indirectly climate change will affect the functional role played by forests and carbon cycle. In India carbon management studies need to be done in depth and immediate attention to be given for enhancing carbon sequestration potential in forest in order to conserve the biodiversity in a changed climatic condition. To assess and understand the impact of climate change on carbon sequestration in forests, there is a need for modeling which helps in evolving future conservation strategies with adaptive measures.

Major objectives of this Research will be, 1. Model based approach to study the specific impacts of climate change on Tamilnadu forest. 2. Detailed analysis of the relation between climate variables and the mitigation potential 3. Assessing the vulnerability of climate change on forest ecosystem. 4. Suggesting suitable adaptation strategies for sustainable forest conservation.

Major Research fields and Interests

  • Biodiversity Conservation
  • Forest vulnerability
  • Climate change adaptation

  • Workshop and Conference

  • Participated in a training programme on Geomatics: Technology and Application for Women Scientists at Space    Applications, CEPT University-Ahmedabad from 11th to 16th of March 2013.
  • Paper presentation and National Seminar participation titled 2nd Indian Biodiversity Congress on the topic of "Nutrient Profile    of Nanmangalam Reserve Forest: A step Towards Biodiversity Conservation" (Second author) at IIScBangaluru from 9th to    11th of December 2012.
  • Workshop participation in an Indo-US Bilateral Workshop on Global Challenges: Climate change, Water, Environment and
       Society at ITM University, Gurgaon from 5th to 6th of March 2012.
  • HighNoon Spring School participation at IIT Delhi from 4th to 7th of January 2012.
  • Paper presentation and workshop participation in a National seminar on :"Spatial Strategy for Sustainable Management" at
       Bharathidasan University, from 14th to 18th of February 2011
  • Global Youth Summit-International Seminar on "Nurture Nature for Future", Feb 10- 12, 2007, CMS College, Coimbatore.