Academic Scholars

Harish Rajasekaran
Climate Change and Forestry
Species Distribution Modelling,Vulnerability Assessment
Ahamed Ibrahim S N
Air Pollution and Climte Change
Particulate BC Impact on Climate, System Expert, Modelling
Pavithrapriya S
Agriculture and Socio Impact
Crop Modelling, Assessment of Climate Change on Crop Productivity
Easwari BR
Crop Productivity Impact and Climate Change
Simulation on Crop Productivity, GIS, Vulnerability Assessment
Punyamurty Khristodas
Climate Chnage and Sea Level Rise
SimCLIM, Socia-Economic Impact
Lakshmi S
Moonson and Climate Change (Part-Time Scholar)
Impacts of NorthEast Moonson

PhD Awarded

  Dr.A. Saleem Khan
  Climate Change and Coastal Adaptation.

  Anushiya jeganathan
  Climate Change Impact on Urban Natural Resources

  Divya Subash Kumar

  Climate Change and it's Impact on Health

  P.Radha Priya

  Climate Change and Soil microbes

  M.Sridevi karpagavalli

  Email :
  Climate Change and it's Impact on Wetlands

  Short-lived climate forcers and their Impact on Air Quality and Climate

  Climate Change and Forest Watershed

  Dhanya .P
  Vulnerability Impact Assessment of Agriculture Productivity

  T.D. Rushendra Revathy

  Dry and Wet capture of carbon dioxide using industrial alkaline solid residues

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