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M.Sridevi karpagavalli ,M.Sc.

Doctoral Research Fellow

Ph.D. ,: Centre for Climate Change and Adaptation Research, Anna University, Chennai, India

Enhancing carbon reserves in wetlands in the context of climate change is consistent with reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the wetlands and restoring their carbon reserves. Degradation of wetlands and disturbance of its anaerobic environment leads to a higher rate of decomposition of the large amount of carbon stored in it and thus augments greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. Therefore, protecting the wetlands is a practical way of retaining the existing carbon reserves and thus avoiding emission of CO2 and greenhouse gases. With the ever-increasing population pressure and elevated food demand, the wetlands are under significant threats. Due to the changes in land use, over exploitation, drainage and several anthropogenic activities and natural processes the wetlands' physico-chemical as well as biological conditions are often disturbed, and these disturbances lead to rapid loss of carbon from organic soils. If wetlands are not preserved or maintained properly, these ecosystem could switch from being net sinks of carbon to becoming sources of greenhouse gases that accelerate climate change.

My research aim is to protect wetland in a sustainable manner in the emerging scenario of climate change.

Major Research fields and Interests

  • Carbon Sequestration by Wetlands
  • Ecosystem conservation
  • Environmental Pollution and climate change

  • Publications/Workshops/Seminars

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  • M. Sridevi karpagavalli* Dhanya.P and A.Ramachandran (2012). Pallikaranai Wetland: A Quandary Between Biodiversity
       Conservation and Urban Development. Poster presented in Second Indian Biodiversity Congress, 9-11 December. IISC,
  • M. Sridevi karpagavalli (2013). Participated in 1- Day Workshop on Pallikaranai Marshland on 18th January in Department of
       Geology, Anna University, Chennai.
  • M. Sridevi karpagavalli (2013). Training programme on Geomatics: Technology and Applications for Women Scientists.
       Faculty ofGeometics & Space Applications, CEPT University, Ahmedabad.