By studying Chemical Engineering, one is involved in the entire product development process. From the beginning of the raw material to taking it to process design, product development and to bring it to use in day today life and sustaining it. Industries totally rely on synthesis and processing of chemicals, materials and – Chemical Engineers are always needed and are in high demand.

Earlier Chemical Engineering was designed for refining and petro based industries, but now industries have diversified and constant progress and advancement is observed. Study in Chemical Engineering have progressed to the need of the society. New scientific advancement in the field of Energy, Environment, Bioengineering, Nanotechnology, Material science has the influence of the core subjects. Chemical Engineering covers a plethora of scientific topics; Mechanics, Mass, Momentum, Heat Transfer, Reaction Engineering, Process Control, Instrumentation, Material science, Computational Design and Process Economics. These foundation subjects will be complemented with the development of design skills, computer-aided design in particular.

With natural inquisitiveness, talent and academic mind, a degree in Chemical Engineering will equip oneself for a wide range of careers. From traditional jobs, entrepreneurial jobs, hands-on practical jobs to the intensely theoretical tasks, Chemical Engineering is a discipline that’s both rewarding and challenging in equal measure.

Chemical Engineers can feel pride on a daily basis, as they are in high demand in all fields in the ever-growing globally competitive world.