The Association of Chemical Engineers (ACE) formerly known as Consortium of Chemical Technologists is a students’ association assisted by the staffs which promotes academic and co-curricular excellence among the students of Department of Chemical Engineering, Anna University, Chennai. The association aims to make Chemical Engineering a way of life among students rather than just a discipline to be mastered. With this end in view, a series of lectures by eminent personalities from Chemical Engineering and allied fields are being organized and have already proved effective in exposing students to current scientific thought. The ACE is also involved in various activities all year long viz Chemiscope, Chemspiration and Chemfluence.


Chemfluence, is being conducted for the past 27 years, an annual national level technical symposium of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Anna University which has always served as a confluence of young talent from Chemical Engineering schools all over the country. Chemfluence is a national level technical symposium organised annually by the Department of Chemical Engineering of A.C.Tech. Chemfluence has innovative events which test the technical adroit of students. It provides a platform to pool the knowledge of budding chemical engineers to come up with efficient and thought provoking solutions to problems persisting in the field. We bind with various chemical industries with a vision that realises the importance of incorporating the solutions on a larger scale.


It is Intra-Department event conducted by the Association of Chemical Engineers, Chemical Engineering department, A.C.Tech, before the major technical festival Chemfluence. It is a one –day event which includes various technical and non-technical events.


ACE, department of Chemical Engineering A.C.Tech organizes Chemiscope every year to test the technical adroitness of school students.


All our department students involved in one of the co-curricular activities viz NSS, NCC, NSO and YRC and our students also participated in various respective activities along with other department students of A.C.Tech.