Personal Details

Name: Dr.Ranjani Parthasarathi
Designation: Professor
Experience: 26
Area Of Expertise Computer Networks and Security Multicore Architecture Language Technology Knowledge Representation and Indian Logic
Phone Number 044-22358807

Educational Details

Degree Specialization Name of the University Graduated in
B.E (Hons) Electronics & Comm. Engg University of Madras 1983
M.S Electrical & Computer Engg. Illinois Insitute of Tech. Chicago 1988
Ph.D Algorithms for Optical Computing IIT Madras 1995

Project Details

Title Amount Received(In Rupees)
Machine Learning Assisted Verification Methodology for Analog and Mixed Signal Circuits 22,33,000
Research in the areas of SDN, IoT and Security 29,90,000
Inclusion of Security in curriculum. Research and awareness through workshops and seminars on Security 12,40,90,000
Conduct of courses on Network Processors, and research on Network Processors. Introduced a new course on Network processors and programming - UG and PG level. -
Development of video content for Computer Science subjects (16x40 modules). Developed content for Computer Networks 112,00,000
Development of curriculum on Atom based embedded computing and IoT and Research on IoT. Established IoT Lab and conducted workshops on IoT. 5,90,000
Development of course content and Multicore architecture and Research on Multicore Architecture. Introduced new courses on Multicore architectures and Multicore programming. 7,50,000
Research on soft computing and wearables 1,00,000
Research on custom computing, Design and development of FPGA based custom architecture kit. 7,50,000
Development of a Tamil transliteration browser that will transliterate content in English to Tamil, Development of Tamil Search engine 5,00,000
Development of tools and technologies for Tamil language computing Morphological analyzer, generator, parser, office suite in Tamil, Development of multimedia Content in Tamil for school children appreciation of Tamil poetry, chemistry and geography, Tamil Text to Speech conversion. Research on applying Nyaya (Indian logic) framework to Knowledge representation. 113,00,000
Rule-based and statistical approach to recognizing named entities. 10,00,000
Development of advanced cross-lingual information access system - English and Hindi to Tamil - based on intermediate language representation in UNL. Part of a consortium of 10 institutes working on 6 different Indian languages 40,00,000
Conducting the course and related research activity - Use of Indian Knowledge systems for Knowledge management, Document visualization, Information retrieval and processing. Sanskrit search engine 113,00,000
Development of advanced cross-lingual information access system - Concept based cross-lingual search using UNL. Part of a consortium of 14 institutes working on 8 different Indian languages 136,00,000

Research Guidance

Ph.D Scholars Guided Ph.D Scholars Guiding
9 4


Papers Published in Journals

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