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The Combat Vehicles Research and development Estt. (CVRDE), Avadi, has sanctioned a project titled 'Technology Demonstrator of Compact Storage devices for Armoured Vehicle' ON 22.06.2005 at a total cost of Rs.7.95 lakhs.

Objective of the Project

The advances in the Gun Technology indicate that the electrical energy will be the primary source for firing of main gun in future. The preliminary studies indicate that the steady state power requirement of 700A has to be supplemented by impulse power of the order of about 5 MW for the ETC gun while it is about 20 MW for EM gun. AVF technology power supply presently used will not be in a position to support the above. Hence the main objective of this project is the task of making a feasibility study of the Energy Storage Devices for the armoured fighting vehicle application. The delivery of high voltage pulses to the loads via Pulse Forming Network is also included in this feasibility study report.

Anna University carried out the Technical feasibility study on the various aspects of the storage device for the tracked vehicle applications and along with details as applicable to armoured fighting vehicle. The types of electrical storage devices suggested for CVRDE vehicle application includes Capacitor bank, Compulsator Device, Homopolar Device, MHD generation using flywheel, Battery, Fuel Cell and other sources.

Regarding the progress of the work, a meeting has been conducted between the CVRDE officials and the FIRST report of the study has been submitted to them on 24.03.2006.Subsequently, the first and second instalment of Rs.2,38,478/- each have been released by CVRDE.

According to the original project proposal, a P IV computer with DVD Drive, Laser Printer, PSPICE, MATHCAD and QUICKFIELD softwares have to be provided to CVRDE as deliverables. In order to procure the same, the approval from the Vice Chancellor has been obtained the items are being procured through the Common Purchase committee.

The final report of the project is being prepared.