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Department of EEE has been recognized under NaMPET by DIT. The mission started in the year 2004 with C-DAC Trivandrum as the nodal centre and premier academic Institutions namely IISc, IITB, IIT Karagpur, IIT Kanpur and Bengal Engineering and state University & Anna University as participating institutions.

Activities of NaMPET are focused on four areas namely technology development, awareness creation, training, infrastructure development, and global promotion. A dedicated website namely www.nampet.in is launched and maintained by the Nodal Centre covering all activities of the Mission. Power Electronics technical data and literature are uploaded for ready reference.

Grants are provided to create National power electronics infrastructure at these institutions to help students, faculty and nearby industries to strengthen power electronics Research s& Development activities.

Department of EEE has utilized the grant of Rs. 56.5 lakhs under the Infrastructure development for establishing test and development facilities for power electronics applied to electrical machines power quality.

Technology development projects like development of IGBT gate driver, Full spectrum simulator, Ultra capacitors, Solar power pumps, power converter solution for Railways and steel industries are being developed with the objective to commercialise and market them.

Two MoUs have been signed by CDAC and Department of EEE, AU under NaMPET

  • For infrastructure development
  • For development of software libraries for full spectrum simulator using 'Sequel' software

Infrastructural facilities created using NaMPET grant are listed in the Table

1 Modular Low speed – high power Drive test facility Facility is crated for characterization of syn machine, Ind machine, DC machine with necessary plug in PE modules, sensors and data acquisition.
2 BLDC test facility Characterization of BLDC Machines
3 SRM test facility Characterization of SRM Machines
4 Variable AC source Programmable Voltage source
5 Variable DC source Programmable Voltage source
6 AC/DC signal source Programmable Voltage source
7 4 Channel High sampling rate memory digital CRO
8 Dspace Programmable facility for MATLAB interface and C-Complier
9 Current probe & Amplifies For High current measurement
10 Target link base module For testing hardware prototype
11 DC electronic Loads Programmable with interface capacity for testing PE converters.
12 Three Phase harmonic analyzer For testing power quality
13 Alternator Excitation control To set up a local power grid.
14 NI Data acquisition system Lab View S/W with Elvis interface boards for developing virtual instrumentation.