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Dispatcher Training Simulator


The dispatcher training simulator (DTS) is used for training in power system operation and allied areas. IT facilitates the dispatcher to be trained in normal, emergency and restorative conditions. The simulation of observable power system dynamics realistically is therefore essential.

The software component of the DTS comprises three major modules

  • Power System Simulation Module (PSM)
  • Instructor Station Modules (ISM)
  • Operator System Module (OSM)

with ODB connectivity (ODBC). The core of PSM is a novel Long Term Stability algorithm that is interfaced with system daily load curve, protection models, substation and generating station controls. The ISM allows the instructor to snap a system condition and load a system scenario or previously snapped system condition during start of a training session. It has features like “freeze” and “unfreeze” simulation, “backtrack” and "replay". The OSM presents all operator related controls to the trainee. The DTS is generic in nature and can be customized to suit a particular system. It is implemented on a server (running PSM) – two clients (running Ism and OSM) configuration.

The simulator can be used to impact training and education to fresh operators/students in the following areas of power system operation.

  • Control of active power flow to maintain transmission levels within permissible operating limits by tracking appropriate measures (generation control and load management)
  • Control of reactive power flow and voltage by adjustment of AVR set points, transformer taps and switching on/off shunt elements.
  • Training in dynamic behaviour of power systems between steady states including response of different power plants to frequency fluctuations, automatic generation control signals and power plant operator actions
  • Training in recognition of critical system conditions such as insufficient generation reserves, inadequate reactive, transmission line overloading etc.
  • The dispatcher can have practice sessions on load frequency control
  • The dispatcher can open and close circuit breakers for removal and reconnection of transmission lines.
  • The dispatcher can have practice session on procedures for restarting a power system from black start, re-energising transmission lines, loads and resynchronising islands.

Events Supported in the Simulator

  • Open/Close a circuit breaker
  • Place a breaker in stuck position so that it cannot respond to open or close commands
  • Set a unit to desired MW output
  • Change AVR set points
  • Change load
  • Freeze, unfreeze, backtrack and reply simulation snap IC and load a fresh scenario.