Master Programs

The institute offers Ph.D., M.S., M.E. (Energy Engineering) and M.E. (Solar Energy). The P.G. courses are offered in Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

Foundation Courses common for M.E., Solar Energy & M.E., Energy Engineering are:

  • Advanced Numerical Methods
  • Thermodynamic Analysis of Energy Systems
  • Fluid mechanics & Heat Transfer
  • Energy resources & Conversion techniques



1. Physics of solar engineering.

2. Solar Photovoltaic Technologies.

3. Energy Efficient Building Design.

4. Solar Thermal Technologies.

5. Solar Thermal Laboratory.

6. Solar Photovoltaic Laboratory.

1. Energy Auditing and Management.

2. Energy Conservation in Industrial Utilities.

3. Energy Efficient Building Designs.

4. Instrumentation for Thermal Systems.

5. Energy Laboratory.

6. Analysis and Simulation Lab.

Professional Electives



Advanced Energy Storage Technologies.

Advanced Power Plant Engineering

Electrical Drives and Controls

Bio Energy Technologies.

Energy Forecasting, Modeling and Project Management

Design of Heat Exchangers

Environmental Engineering and Pollution control.

Fluidized Bed Systems

Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Systems.

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell.

Power Generation Transmissions and Distribution

Modeling and Analysis of Energy Systems.

Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Nuclear Engineering

Instrumentation for Thermal Systems.

Solar Energy Technologies.

Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks.

Steam Generator Technology.

Embedded Systems.

Waste Management and Energy Recovery Techniques

Materials for solar Devices.

Wind Energy Systems.

Solar Energy Appliances.

Advanced Energy Storage Technologies

Solar Energy for Industrial Process Heating.

Design And analysis of Turbo machines.

Solar Energy Utilization.

Electrical Drives and controls

Solar Passive Architecture.

Energy Forecasting, Modeling and Project Management.

Solar Power Generation Technologies and Policies.

Environmental Engineering and Pollution control.

Solar Power plants.

Power Electronics for Renewable Energy systems.

Solar Systems for Building Techniques.

Power Generation transmission and Distribution

Solar Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Computational Fluid Dynamics


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