About Institute for Energy Studies

Anna University, one of the premier institutes in the country, has established Centre for New & Renewable Sources of Energy, in the year 1984 and later it was renamed as Institute for Energy Studies (IES) in the year 1999, considering the importance of energy security and the environmental conservation. This Institute has state-of-art facilities in the field of energy engineering which serve as a hub for learning and gaining hands-on experience in the fascinated field of energy engineering. The major objective is “To promote sustainable development and reduce carbon footprint by introduction of new technologies and promoting innovation ecosystem” thereby contributing the Nation’s growth by linking energy research, technology, policy, and education to the needs of industries and for the socio economic welfare of the society.

The Institute offers M. E Programmes in Energy Engineering and Solar Energy. The Energy Institute aims to create excitement about clean energy and promote opportunities for student’s community and scholars to learn about how they can play a role in making a brighter, more sustainable future.

Strategic Goals

  • Collaborate with industry, government, development partners and academic institutions in transformational research projects and educational outreach for new approaches to the nation's energy opportunities.

  • Catalyze the transition to advanced sustainable energy exploration, generation, distribution and utilization, through coordinated research and development, capacity building and project management.

  • Provide a forum for constructive debate to facilitate innovation, development, deployment, and dissemination of energy technology knowledge and good practices.

  • Enhance public understanding of energy resources and technologies and their role in society, in order to address the barriers that hinder increased use and access to modern energy technologies.


Aatral Arangam



Institute for Energy Studies, Anna University, Chennai.

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