Centre for Environmental Studies - Anna University

About Us

Centre for Environmental Studies (CES):
The Centre for Environmental Studies (CES) was established as a Division of Public Health Engineering, College of Engineering Guindy during 1955 and later in 1982, the Centre has gloriously developed into Centre for Environmental Studies. The Centre has been making a significant contribution in the field of Environment with the keen focus on Environmental Education, Research and Extension activities.

CES Mission Statement

We at Centre for Environmental studies shall strive constantly

  • To educate the future leaders of the environmental profession and to inculcate skills and foundations for life-long learning and growth.
  • To conduct research and create new knowledge as an integral part of our education programme and the continued renemal of the profession.
  • To contribute towards sustainable management and utilization of natural resources, combat and reduce pollution of air,water and soil, enhance technical management knowledge and develop and promote technology for sustainable management.