The Department is involved in organising conferences on frontier fields of Geology regularly. These programmes have benefited large number of scientists/engineers working in the frontier areas of applied geology in the Universities/Industries/Research Institutes. The details of conferences/ Symposiums/seminars organised by the department are given below.

National Seminar on Industrial Minerals in National Economy

14 – 16, December 1988

National Seminar on Recent trends in prospecting of Earth Resources

18 – 20, March 1992

Geological Society of India Annual Convention and National Seminar on
Sustainable Groundwater Development and Management

5 – 8, November 1998

National Seminar on Georesource Evaluation and Management

6 – 8, March 2000

Mineralogical Society of India’s Annual Convention and National Seminar on Mineral Exploration and Management – Current Status and Future trends

21 – 22, November 2002

One day Joint seminar on Radiometric dating methods and Quaternary Paleoclimate

8, February 2003

Department of Science and Technology  Project Advisory Committee Meeting on Earth Science Systems

24-25, July 2003

Symposium on significance of Earth Science and Environment for society

4-7,March 2005

International conference on Environmental geosciences

14-15,Feb 2006

23 IAS and National seminar on Environmental and economic significance of Sedimentary basins of India

7-9, Dec 2006

International conference and field workshop on Paleopedology; paleosols, geomorphic evolution of landscape and paleo climate change

10-14, Jan 2008

National Symposium on Geological process, Mineral and fossil fuel exploration

26-27 Nov 2009

National symposium on environmental Geology

28 Nov 2009

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