The geochemistry furnishes the needs of the research scholars working in the field of Geochemistry as well as the M.Sc. Applied geology final semester students who would be carrying out their final year projects work related analysis in this laboratory. It is well equipped with latest devices such as sample drier, high temperature oven, and centrifugal oscillators etc., which are common and necessary for day to day geochemical analysis of the samples.

The latest instruments added to this lab are :

1. Millipore-Water Purifying system

2. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

3. Ion Chromotography Instrument

4. Handheld XRF Instrument

5. Auto Titrator

Millipore-Water Purifying system
Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

Ion Chromatography instrument
Handheld XRF Analyser
Auto Titrator
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