The Mineralogy and Petrology lab in the department consists of Handspecimen of various Rocks and Minerals, procured and also collected by the faculty members during various field studies , especially for teaching the M. Sc. Students. The specimen Repository facility also includes various Crystal Models for the demonstration to the students.

The lab is equipped with more than 20 petrological microscopes that are used by the students during their practical sessions for the Mineralogy and petrolgoy subjects. The latest version of petrological microscope is the main attraction of this lab. It consists of an application oriented transmitted or transmitted/reflected light outfits, built-in powerful 12V/100W illumination system. It also has Computer-adaptation with C-mounts for various CCD video and digital cameras. It also has the softwares for image analysis anddatabase and archiving. The lab also consists of Rock Thin-Section Preparation Unit for microscopical studies of rocks and minerals.

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