The department offers Ph.D programme in frontier areas of geology. A number of research scholars pursue research that is funded by various national agencies.

List of the scholars who have completed the PhD programme

Thesis Title

Student and year of award


Spatial and temporal analysis of the groundwater using remote sensing and GIS


Dr. L. Elango

Hydrogeochemical studies in a part of palar and cheyyar river basin, Tamil Nadu, India.

N. Rajmohan, 2001

Dr. L. Elango

Hydrogeochemical studies and Regional flow modelling of South Chennai Sandy Aquifier

D. Gnanasundar, 2002

Dr. L. Elango

Image Analysis and Sub-Pixel Classification for Improved Coastal Mapping

P. Shanmugam, 2002

Dr. S. Sanjeevi

Petrographical, physico-chemical and engineering properties of Tertiary sediments of Neyveli Basin, TamilNadu, India

E. Rasool Mohideen, 2003

Dr. R.Nagendra

Geochemistry and depositional environment of Neoproterozoic sediments of Bhima basin, Northern Karnataka, India

R. Nagarajan, 2003

Dr. R.Nagendra

Studies on Quaternary stratigraphy and palaeoenvironments between Palar and Koratallaiyar river basin, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

T.Nagalakshmi, 2004

Dr Hema Achyuthan

Hydrogeological modeling and hydrogeochemical characterization of an unconfined aquifer system of Lower Palar River Basin, Southern India

M. Senthil Kumar, 2004

Dr. L. Elango

Multi-Sensor Image Fusion

K. Vani,  2005

Dr. S. Sanjeevi

Hydrogeology, Hydrochemistry and Groundwater modelling of Chithar Basin

S. Subramani

Dr. L. Elango

Structural and Geomorphic aspects of the landslides of the Nilgiris.

S. Jayaseelan, 2006

Dr. S. Sanjeevi

Migration of major ions, nutrients and pesticides studies in the unsaturated zone 

R. Kannan, 2006

Dr. L. Elango

Holocene sedimentary and environmental change along the East coast, between Chennai and Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu: a study based on radiocarbon dating, sediments and foraminifera

Abbas Hameed Mohammed, 2006

Dr Hema Achyuthan

Sequence stratigraphy of  Late Cretaceous sediments of Ariyalur- Pondicherry sub basin, Cauvery basin,India

Garge Sen, 2006

Dr. R.Nagendra

Eco-degradation studies in the Niligiris using Remote Sensing and GIS

V. Kandasamy, 2007

Dr. S. Sanjeevi

Slope instability analysis and route location using remote sensing and GIS approach

P. Rajakumar, 2007

Dr. S. Sanjeevi

Remote Sensing and GIS for management of Chitravati Watershed

T. Mahadevaiah, 2007

Dr. S. Sanjeevi

Outcrop sequence stratigraphy, of  Cretaceous sediments of Tiruchirappalli area, Ariyalur-Pondicherry sub basin, Cauvery basin, India

B.V. Kamalak kannan, 2007

Dr. R.Nagendra

Biogeochemistry and heavy metal ecotoxicology to understand food web from a near shore environment

Arun Kumar, 2008

Dr Hema Achyuthan

Modelling the movement of contaminant plume in various hydrogeological formations

K. Sivakumar, 2008

Dr. L. Elango

Vertisols and Quaternary pedogenic carbonates of the area around Coimbatore

Navin Shankar, 2008

Dr Hema Achyuthan

Hydrochemical studies and effect of irrigation in groundwater quality in Tondiar basin, TamilNadu

Ramesh, 2008

Dr L. Elango

Environmental geochemistry and impact of Tsunami on coastal sediments of south East India

Thangadurai, 2008

Dr S. Srinivasalu

Hydrogeochemical Modeling in Lower Bhavani Basin

S. Anandakumar, 2008

Dr. T. Subramani

Groundwater Geochemistry of Vattamalaikarai Basin

G. Venila, 2008

Dr. T. Subramani

Accumulation of Heavy metals in edible  marine organism along east coast of Chennai

G.Prasad Balamurugan, 2009

Dr Hema

Groundwater Augmentation by Flood Mitigation in Chennai Region-A Modeling Based Study

N.G. Anuthaman, 2010

Dr. L. Elango

Hydrogeochemical Studies and Solute Transport Modelling to understand the Variation in Groundwater quality of a Part of Cauvery Delta, India Vetri Murugaun, 2010 Dr. L. Elango
Remotesensing and GIS based studies on Silica-grade sand resources along the Northern Tamil Nadu coast, South India. Aparna S Bhaskar, 2010 Dr. S. Sanjeevi
Geochemical Sequence Stratigraphy of Companion-Maschtrichian sediments, Ariyalur-Pondicherry Sub-basin, Cauvery Basin, South India D. S. Bakiaraj, 2010 Dr. R. Nagendra
Geoarchaeology of Siruthavoor Megalithic Site, Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu, South India Smriti Haricharan, 2010 Dr. Hema Achyuthan


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