Workshops/Traning/Short term Courses

In the last 7 years about 16 training programmes have been organised by this department. The various institutions which has funded these programmes include the World Bank Hydrology Project, ISRO UNESCO, UGC, COSTED, AICTE etc.,These programmes have benefited large number of scientists/engineers working in the frontier areas of applied geology in the Universities/Industries/Research Institutes. The details of Workshops/Traning/Short term programmes organised by the department are given below.

Short term courses on Prospecting for small-scale mining

5 – 16, June 1989

Training Programme for School Teachers on Earth Sciences

16-20, Nov’ 1992

GEOSAS Regional workshop onQuaternary Geology of South Asia

21-25, February 1996

Geological Society of India Annual Convention and National Seminar on
Sustainable Groundwater Development and Management

5 – 8, November 1998

World Bank Sponsored National Hydrology Project Training Programme on Groundwater Hydrometry

10 Programmes of each Two Weeks duration 1999

ISRO Training Programme on Remote Sensing Applications to Geology

15 – 26, November 1999

National Seminar on Georesource Evaluation and Management

6 – 8, March 2000

UNESCO - International Workshop on Modelling in Hydrogeology

2-7, December 2001

Mineralogical Society of India’s Annual Convention and National Seminar on Mineral Exploration and Management – Current Status and Future trends

21 – 22, November 2002

UNESCO International Training Programme on Satellite Image Processing for Natural Resources Management

7-21, January 2002

ISRO Training Programme on Geological Remote Sensing and GIS

7 –18, October 2002

Training programme on Quaternary soils and paleoclimate IVth meeting IGCP 413: Understanding Dryland changes from past dynamics One day Joint seminar on Radiometric dating methods and Quaternary Paleoclimate

3-8, February 2003

Workshop on Recent Developments in Petroleum Exploration

21, March 2003

Department of Science and Technology  Project Advisory Committee Meeting on Earth Science Systems

24-25, July 2003

UNESCO International training on Recent trends in earth observations for geo-resource management.


ISRO training programme on Geological Remote Sensing and GIS

2,june 2004

Training program on Groundwater Modeling for officers of PWD

23April -7 May 2005

DST Field workshop on Role of Holocene Environmental catastrophes in Human history

17-19, August 2005

DST Field workshop and contact programme on Sequence stratigraphy

18-21 August 2005

DST training programme on Numerical modeling of Groundwater flow and solute transport

7-30,Nov 2005

ISRO training programme on Geological Remote Sensing and GIS

5-21,December 2005

DST- workshop on Integrated stratigraphy and Geochronology of Cretaceous sediments

6, Dec 2006

23 IAS and National seminar on Environmental and economic significance of Sedimentary basins of India

7-9, Dec 2006

International workshop on Tsunami Geology

30, Dec 2006

ISRO Geological Remote sensing and GIS

21 Nov -7 Dec 2007

International conference and field workshop on Paleopedology; paleosols, geomorphic evolution of landscape and paleo climate change

10-14, Jan 2008

APG workshop on Petroleum Geology

21-23 March 2009

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