NAAC Awareness Seminar/ Training on Quality System in Higher Education


  • Regular Internal Meetings
  • Follow up of NBA Accreditation meeting
  • AQAR 2015- 2016 Preparation
  • Follow up regarding the revival of research journal
  • Website Creation
  • Conduct of Training Programmes
  • Conduct of meeting for University officials for quality enhancement initiatives and preparation of action plan
  • Conduct of IQAC 6th council meeting
  • Creation of Benchmarks
  • Purchase


  • Initiation of Acedemic Audit
  • Initiation of Committee for Publication of University Research Journal
  • Uploadingof University details in MHRD-NIRF website
  • Consolidation of AQAR 2014-2015
  • Submission of AQAR 2014-2015 to NAAC
  • Uploading of AQAR 2014-2015 to Anna University Website
  • Conduct of 5th IQA Council Meeting
  • Regular internal meetings
  • 20th Feb 2015 - Half a Day programme for Coordinators of Department Quality circles
  • 18th and 19th Feb 2015 - Two Day Programme on "Urgent need for bringing in Quality in the system of Higher education" for Department IQAC faculty members
  • NAAC Re-Accreditation
  • Conduct of NAAC Awareness Programme
  • 10 One day Training on Change Management & Capacity Building - For Regular Non-Teaching Staff from AU, CEG, ACT, MIT, SAP; 11th– 15th and 18th - 22nd March 2013
  • 5 One day Awareness program on Quality Management System (QMS) 11th - 22nd March 2013