Journals received for the month of April and May 2017
S.No.Name of the JournalVolume No.Issue No.MonthYear
1Asian Dyer134Aug-Sep2016
2Asian Dyer141Feb-Mar2017
3Asian Journal of Microbiology, Biotechnology&Environmental Sciences184 2016
4Autocar India189May2017
5Banking Guru  May2017
6Chartered Accountant Journal658,10-11Feb,Apr-May2017
7Chartered Accountant Journal656Dec2016
8Chartered Secretary473Mar2017
9Chemical Weekly6233-40Mar-May2017
10Civil Engineering & Construction Review304-5Apr-May2017
12Coramandal Printer403-4Mar-Apr2017
13Cucolis(Current Contents for Library & Information Science) 141Jan-Feb2017
14Current Science1127-9Apr-May2017
16Down To Earth2521-24Mar-May2017
17Electrical India574-5Apr-May2017
18Electronics for you494-5Apr-May2017
19Geospatial World7 Mar2017
20Global Business Review181Feb2017
21IEEMA JOURNAL (NEW)87-9Mar-May2017
22IIMB Management Review291Mar2017
23Indian Architect & Builder308Apr2017
24Indian Concrete Journal914-5Apr-May2017
25Indian Geotechnical Journal471Mar2017
26Indian Journal of Chemistry - Sec A563Mar2017
27Indian Journal of Chemistry - Sec B563-4Mar-Apr2017
28Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences234Aug 2017
29Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research421Mar2017
30Indian Journal of Finance114Apr2017
31Indian Journal of Industrial Relations524Apr2017
32Indian Journal of Marketing474-5Apr-May2017
33Indian Journal of Physics911-2,4Jan-Feb,Apr2017
34Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Mathematics481Mar2017
35Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics551-4Jan-Apr2017
36indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge162Apr2017
37Indian Mining & Engineering Journal564Apr2017
38Indian Printer & Publisher394-5Apr-May2017
39Indian Textile Journal 1277-8Apr-May2017
40Infinithoughts 61-2Apr-May2017
41Inside Outside 380Apr2017
42Journal of Digital Information Management151Jan2017
43Journal of Environmental Science & Engineering573July2015
44Journal of Human Values231Jan2017
45Journal of Indian Library Association524Oct-Dec2016
46Journal of Mines Metals & Fuels651Jan2017
47Journal of Mines Metals & Fuels6412Dec2016
48Journal of Optics461Mar2017
49Journal of Rural Development361Jan-Mar2017
50Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research764Apr2017
51Journal of the Geological Society of India894-5Apr-May2017
52Journal of the Indian Chemical Society944Apr2017
53Kisan World 444-5Apr-May2017
54Labour Law Reporter394-5Apr-May2017
55Library Herald551Mar2017
56Management Accountant524Apr2017
57Manufacturing Technology Today162-4Feb-Apr2017
58MAPAN Journal of Metrology Society of India321Mar2017
59National Geographic 47,9Feb,Apr2017
60Open Source for You57-8Apr-May2017
62Overdrive  May2017
64Pearl A Journal of Library & Information Science111Jan-Mar2017
65Pollution Research354 2016
66Popular Mechanics1943-4Mar-Apr2017
67Popular Science  Mar/Apr2017
68Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management104Apr2017
69Print & Publishing  Apr-May2017
71RBI Bulletin 711-4Jan-Apr2017
72SMART Journal of Business Management Studies131Jan-June2017
73Sugar Tech191-2Jan-Apr2017
74University News558,11-18Feb-May2017
75Vikalpa - The Journal for Decision Makers421Jan-Mar2017