Journals received for the month of August and September 2017
S.No.Name of the JournalVolume No.Issue No.MonthYear
1Annals of Library & Information Studies642June2017
2Asian Dyer144Aug-Sep2017
3Autocar India191-2Sep-Oct2017
4Bulletin of Materials Science401-4 2017
5Chartered Accountant Journal663-4Sep-Oct2017
6Chemical Weekly638-11Sep-Oct2017
7Civil Engineering & Construction Review3010Oct2017
9Coramandal Printer409Sep2017
10Current Science1135-7Sep-Oct2017
12Down To Earth2610Oct2017
13Ecology, Environment and Conservation232 2017
14Electrical India5710Oct2017
15Electrronics for you4910Oct2017
16Geospatial World73Sep-Oct2017
18IETE Journal of Research635Sep-Oct2017
19IETE Technical Review345Sep-Oct2017
20Indian Architect & Builder3012Aug2017
21Indian Architect & Builder311-2Sep-Oct2017
22Indian Concrete Journal919Sep 2017
23Indian Journal of Chemistry - Sec A569-10Sep-Oct2017
24Indian Journal of Chemistry - Sec B569Sep2017
25Indian Journal of Finance1110Oct2017
26Indian Journal of Marketing4710Oct2017
27Indian Journal of Physics9110Oct2017
28Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Mathematics483Sep2017
29Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics559Sep2017
30Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge164Oct2017
31Indian Mining & Engineering Journal5610Oct2017
32Indian Printer & Publisher3910Oct2017
33Indian Textile Journal 1281Oct2017
34Infinithoughts 67Oct2017
35Inside Outside 384-386Sep-Oct2017
36Journal of Astrophysics & Astronomy382June2017
37Journal of Biosciences421-3 2017
38Journal of Chemical Sciences1291-8Jan-Aug2017
39Journal of Digital Information Management154Aug2017
40Journal of Earth System Science1261Feb2017
41Journal of Genetics963July2017
42Journal of Mines Metals & Fuels656-7June-July2017
43Journal of Polymer Materials342Apr-June2017
44Journal of Scientific & Industrial Research7610Oct2017
45Journal of Structural Engineering443Aug-Sep2017
46Journal of the Geological Society of India904Oct2017
47Journal of the Indian Chemical Society948-9Aug-Sep2017
48Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India) - Series C : Mechanical Engg, Production Engg, Aerospace Engg. Marine Engg., 983June2017
49Kisan World 4410Oct2017
50Labour Law Reporter3910Oct2017
51Management Accountant529Sep2017
52Manufacturing Technology Today169Sep2017
53Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Abstracts394Aug2017
54National Geographic 53Oct2017
55Open Source for You61Oct2017
56Overdrive14 Oct2017
57Popular Mechanics1546,8June,Sep2017
58Popular Science  May-Aug2017
59Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management1010Oct2017
60Pramana - Journal of Physics  Jan-Sep2017
61Print & Publishing225Aug/Sep 2017
62Printing Times  July-Aug2017
63Proc. of the Indian Academy of Sciences - Mathematical Sciences1271-3Jan-June2017
65Resonance 221-10Jan-Oct2017
67Sign & Graphics182July-Aug2017
68University News5538-41Sep-Oct2017