Journals received for the month of January and February 2018
S.No.Name of the JournalVolume No.Issue No.MonthYear
1Asian Dyer146Dec-Jan2017-18
2Autocar India195-6Jan-Feb2018
3Bulletin of Materials Science407Dec2017
4Chartered Accountant Journal667-8Jan-Feb2018
5Chemical Weekly6322-29Jan-Feb2018
6Civil Engineering & Construction Review311-2Jan-Feb2018
9Coramandal Printer4012Dec2017
10Coramandal Printer411Jan2018
11Cucolis(Current Contents for Library and Information Science) 146Nov-Dec2017
12Current Science1141-3 2018
13Down To Earth2618Feb2018
14Down To Earth2615Dec2017
15Electrical India581Jan2018
16Electrronics for you501-2Jan-Feb2018
17Geospatial World85Feb2018
18Geospatial World74Nov-Dec2017
20IIMB Management Review294Dec2017
21Indian Architect & Builder315Jan2018
22Indian Concrete Journal921-2Jan-Feb2018
23Indian Geotechnical Journal474Dec2017
24Indian Journal of Biotechnology163July2017
25Indian Journal of Chemical Technology245Sep2017
26Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences244-5Aug-Oct2017
27Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research414Dec2017
28Indian Journal of Finance121-2Jan-Feb2018
29Indian Journal of Industrial Relations533Jan2018
30Indian Journal of Library & Information science113Sep-Dec2017
31Indian Journal of Marketing481-2Jan-Feb2018
32Indian Mining & Engineering Journal5612Dec2017
33Indian Mining & Engineering Journal571-2Jan-Feb2018
34Indian Printer & Publisher401-2Jan-Feb2018
35Indian Textile Journal 1284-5Jan-Feb2018
36Infinithoughts 610-11Jan-Feb2018
37Inside Outside 389-390Jan-Feb2018
38Journal of Astrophysics & Astronomy384Dec2017
39Journal of Chemical Sciences12912Dec2017
40Journal of Digital Information Management156Dec2017
41Journal of Earth System Science1268Dec2017
42Journal of Genetics965-6Nov-Dec2017
43Journal of Mines Metals & Fuels659-10Sep-Nov2017
44Journal of Optics464Dec2017
45Journal of Polymer Materials343July-Sep2017
46Journal of Rural Development364Oct-Dec2017
47Journal of Structural Engineering445Dec-Jan2017-18
48Journal of the Geological Society of India911-2Jan-Feb2018
49Journal of the Indian Chemical Society9410-11Nov-Dec2017
50Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India) - Series B : Electrical, Electronics & Telecommunications & Computer Engg.986Dec2017
51Journal of the Institution of Engineers (India) - Series C : Mechanical Engg, Production Engg, Aerospace Engg. Marine Engg., 986Dec2017
52Journal of Vibration Engineering & Technology56Dec2017
53Kisan World 451-2Jan-Feb2018
54Kisan World 4412Dec2017
55Labour Law Reporter401-2Jan-Feb2018
56Library Herald554Dec2017
57Library Progress (International)372July-Dec2017
58Management Accountant531Jan2018
59Management Accountant5212Dec2017
60Manufacturing Technology Today1611-12Nov-Dec2017
61MAPAN Journal of Metrology Society of India324Dec2017
62National Geographic 55Dec2017
63National Geographic 56-7Jan-Feb2018
64Open Source for You64-5Jan-Feb2018
65Overdrive  Jan-Feb2018
66Pollution Research363 2017
67Prabandhan: Indian Journal of Management111-2Jan-Feb2018
68Print & Publishing231Dec/Jan2017-18
69Printing Times  Nov-Dec2017
70Proc. of the Indian Academy of Sciences - Mathematical Sciences1275Nov2017
73RBI Bulletin 7112Dec2017
74RBI Bulletin with (Suppliment)721Jan2018
76Sign & Graphics184Nov/Dec2017
77University News5552Dec2017
78University News561,3-7Jan-Feb2018
79Vikalpa - The Journal for Decision Makers424Oct-Dec2017