Library's CD-Server contains the Compedex, Books enclosed CD's and other CDs. All these CDs' are available under the IP addresses, students can access the CD Server directly from their departments with the help of any browser.

    Type the address as in the address field of the browser.

    Available CDs are listed as folders that you can see in the above picture. Each folder is equivalent to single CD. Some of the CDs are directly accessible from the CD server ie., if the contents are html, pdf, pictures and text. If the CD contains installable files, you couldn't access the CD directly.

    Download the Emulation software which is available in the CD Server's Download folder. First download emuCD.exe file, and install the software in the machine which you are going to access the CD Server. Afterthat, when you run the Emulation software you get following screen.

Select the folder which you want to access and click the MAP button. Selected CD is included to mapped drives list. Open the MyComputer item from desktop you can see the Virtual CD in items list. This Virtual CD is similar to CD-ROM drive which is connected to machine.