1993Crystal Structure Analysis of Compounds of Biological Interest and a Study on DNA Binding of These MolecularSivaraman JDr Subramanian KPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1993Studies on growth and characterization of high temperature superconducting single crystals.Jayavel.RProf.Subramanian CPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1993Growth & Characterisation of Superconducting Bulk Textured Materials & Single CrystalsMurugaKoothan PDr. Subramanian CPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1993Studies on the Growth & Characterisation of Some Urinary Crystals Grown in GelIrusan TDr. Ramasamy PPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1993Synthesis characterisation and high pressure studies on some high temperture super conductors and Nb-tranition metal alloys.Arumugam.SProf.Natarajan SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1994Growth & Characterisation of Ferroelectric & Non-Linear Optical CrystalsRavi GDr. Anbukumar SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
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1994Synthesis, Structural and High Pressure Studies of High Temperature SuperconductorsJeyabalan KDr. Asokamani RPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1995Electrical Transport Properties of Some Chalcogenide Compounds Under High PressureAriponnammal SDr. Natarajan SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1995Modeling of Liquid Phase Epitaxial Growth of Some III-V Binary, Ternary and Quaternary Compound SemiconductorsRezagholipour Dizaji HDr. Dhanasekaran RPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
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1995Crystal Structure Analysis of Compounds of Biological InterestLakshmi SDr. Subramanian KPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1995Growth of Perovskite Ferroelectric and Titanosillenite Single Crystals and their CharacterizationBalakumar SDr. Subramanian CPhysicslPhysicsPh.d      
1995Experimental Studies on High Pressure Behaviour of Lanthanum Containing OxidesSubba Raman T SDr. Natarajan SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
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1995Czocharalski Growth of Oxide Crystals and Analysis of Associated Growth DifficultiesKrishnamurthy DDr. Subramanian CPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1996Study of Force Fields in Higher Order Vibrational Problems Involving Newton-Raphson'S Iteration TechniqueSavariraj ADr. Gunasekaran SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
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1996Electronic Bond Structure & Properties of Some Alkaline Earth Chalcogenides & Fluorohalides & High Pressure Phases of Te & SeKalpana GDr. Rajagopalan MPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1996Nucleations Kinetics of Vapour-Liquid & Solution-Crystal Systems & Growth & Characterization of Ktiopo4Joseph Kumar FDr. Subramanian CPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1996Crystal Structure Analysis of Guanidines and Quinolones and a Study on Binding of Guanidines With Calf Thymus DNASudha LDr. Subramanian KPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1996Structure, Confirmation Anti Bacterial and Anti-Corrosion Studies of Substituted Tniourea DerivativesAkilan RamanathanDr Sivakumar KPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1996Density Functional Description of the Electronic Structure of Some Correlated SystemsPari GDr. Asokamani RPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1996Processing And Characterization Of Reaction Formed Sic-Based Ceramic matrix CompositesThiyagarajan NDr. Manohar PPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
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1997Studies on the growth and charaterisation of single crystals of doped sodium fluoro antimonates.Jeromedas.SGanam F DPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1997Investigation on the deposition condition of indium oxide, indium tin oxide thin films and ITO/IOP solar cell structures.Thilakan.PDr.Kumar JPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1997Studies On The development Of Therapeutic Model Based System For Modulated Mid-Frequency Electrokinesy Based On Certain Qualitative Reasoning TechniquesRavichandran SDr. Sivarama Prasad G NPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1997Investigations on the Nucleation,Growth and Characterization of Pure and Doped Triglycine Sulphate CrystalsAravazhi SDr.Jayavel RPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1997An Investigation on the Nucleations, Growth and Characterization of Semi Organic Lap and TGSP Family CrystalsArunmozhi GDr. Jayavel RScience and HumanitiesPhysicsPh.d      
1997Study of Placental Vascular Impedance in Pregnancy Using Doppler UltrasoundAsokan A VDr. Pillai S OPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1997Electronic Structure and Phase Stability Studies of Some Monopnictides and Monochalcogenides Under PressureChtti Uma Maheswara TrinaadhDr. Natarajan SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
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