1997Studies on the Growth and Characterisation of Single Crystals of Doped Sodium Fluoro AntimonatesJerome Das SDr. Gnanam  F DPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1997Intermolicular Interactions Crystallographic and Spectroscopic StudiesKumar SDr.Subramanian KPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1997Electronic Structure Calculations and High Pressure Studies on Some of the Binary and Ternary SystemsMercy Amirthakumari RDr. Asokamani RPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1997New Optical Contigurations in speckle Metrology for Deformation Measurements and ContouringSanthanakrishnan TDr. Palanisamy P KPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1997Effect of Medicinal Plants on Crystallization of Cholesterol and Crystallizations of Chalic AcidSaraswathi N TDr. Gnanam F DPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1997Depositions and Characterizations of Some II-VI,I-III-V2 Thin Flims  and Fabrication of Solar Cell StructureSasikala GDr. Subramanian CPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1997Studies on the Growth and Characterizations of YBCO,BSCO Single Crystals and FullerenesThamizhavel ADr. Subramanian CPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1997Crystallographic Studies on Some Organic Molecules of Biological and Pharmacological InterestVelavan RDr. Sivakumar KPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1998Studies on the Development of Sol-Gel Mullite for Industrial ApplicationsAmutha Rani DDr. Gnanam F DPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1998Soliton Aspects of Some Nonlinear SystemsAlagesan TDr Porsezian KPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1998Growth and Characterisation of GaAs and AiGaAs Epipayers on GaAs and Si Subtractes By Lpe and MoovdSaravanan SDr Baskar KPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1998Experimental Investigation of Fluidized and Bed Rice Husk Gasification  System for Power GenerationNatarajan EProf Rao A NPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1998Study of Bioeffect Models As a Prognostic Tool for Oral CancersVelmurugan JDr. Sivarama Prasad G NPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1998Growth and Characterization of Ktiopo4 and Some Abo3 Type Perovskite Single CrystalsGanesa Moorthy SSubramanian CPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1998The Effective of Process Parameters on Power Characteristics Microstructure and Mechanical Behaviour of Sol-Gel Zta CompositesDoni Jayaseelan DDr. Gnanam F DPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1998Growth and Characterisations of Some Perovskite and Tungsten-Bronze Single CrystalsIlangovan RDr. Subramanian CPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1998Investigations on Biological Crystals and Analysis and Epidemiological Studies of Urinary CalculiGirija E KDr. Narayana Kalkura SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1998Aspects of Gravitational Scattering at Planckian EnergiesSauryadasDr. Rajagopalan MPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1998Instrumentation for High Pressure Synthesis High Pressure X-Ray Diffraction and Studies on Some High Tc CompoundsVenkateswaran CDr. Natarajan SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1999Preparation & Properties of Cadmium Sulphide & Tin Oxide Thin Flims and Investigations on the in P/Cds and in P/FTo Solar Cell StructureShanthi SDr. Subramanian CPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1999Studies on the Effect of Laser Alloying of Titanium and Aluminium Alloys Using High Power Co2 laserSenthil Selvan JDr. Subramanian KPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1999Evaluation of Osteoporosis Using Conventional Radiographic Methods and Dual - Energy X-Ray AbsolptiometryAnburajan MDr. Sivarama Prasad G NPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1999Liquid Phase Epitaxy and Characterization of Thick Relaxed Sige Layers on Si(100) Substractes and Their Applications to Solar CellsSembian A MDr. Ramasamy PPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1999Development of Cordierite and Cordierite-Based Ceramics Through Sol-Gel ProcessSenguttuvan GDr. Kamaraj VPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1999Investigations on the Low and High Engergy Ion Induced Effects in GaAs and Inp Crystals and Schottky Diodes.Dharmarasu NDr. Kumar JPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1999Investigations in the Enhancement of Tissue Discrimination of Normal and Diseased Human Brain In-Vivo Using Magnetic resonance imagingAnna SiromoneyDr Sivarama Prasad G NPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1999Studies on the Development of Barium Titanate Based Ceramics for Industrial ApplicationsRamanathan RDr. Kamaraj VPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1999High Pressure Instrumentation and Studies on some Semimetals and Wide Band Gap SemiconductorsAnbukumar KDr. Victor Jaya NPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1999Electronic structure of vander waals complexes a comparative study of AB initio and density functional methodsChitra KDr Sankar SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1999High Pressure Investigations of some  Wide Band Gap Semiconductors and Bismuth Based Super ConductorsRavhi S. KumarDr. Natarajan SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1999Investigations on the Liquid Phase Epitaxial Growth and Characterisation on GaAs, AlGaAs Epitaxial Layers and on the Undersaturated LPE groun AlGaAsJeganathan KDr. Kumar JPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1999Spectral and Gain Studies of Polymeric Solid State Coumarin Dye LasersSomasundaram GDr. Ramalingam APhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1999Investigations on the Growth Characterization of Pure & Doped BacaTio3 and BaSrTio3 single crystalsVaratharajan RDr. Jayavel RPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1999Studies on Nucleation and Growth of Non - Linear Optical Family and BTCC Crystals and their CharacterizationUshaShree P MDr. Jayavel RPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1999Solitary Wave Solutions of Some Higher Dimensional and in Homogenous SystemUthayakumar ADr. Porsezian KPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
1999Structural Analysis of As - Growth, Implanted LEC - GAAS Single Crystals and CBE Growth and EVCUdhayasankarDr. Kumar JPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2000A Study of the Constituents and Prosperties of Urinary Stones and its Applications to Stone Fragility in Extracorporeal Shock Wave LithotripsyArunai NDr. Sankar B NPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2000Theoretical investigation of high pressure behaviour of strontium and calcium mono chalcogenides and dirbodium diphosp-hidesShameem banuDr.Rajagopalan  MPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2000Texture Analysis of Rapidly Solidified TiNi based Melt Spun RibbonsSaravanan VDr. Victor Jaya NPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2000Electronic Structure and High Pressure Studies of some of the Tenary SemiconductorsRita RDr.Asokamani RPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
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