1996ThermoKinetic Aspects Of Aqueous Polymerization Of acrylonitrileSuriyanarayanan MDr. Raghavan K VBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
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1997An in Vitro Study to Elucidate Cellular Respones During Klebsiella  Pneumoniae Infection of Lung CellsNagalakshmi M LDr. Arun BalakrishnanBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
1997Status of Host Immune Response to Whole Parasitic and Recombinant Antigens in Human Lymphatic FilariasisUma RamanProf. Kaliraj PBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
1997Molecular Approaches to Identify Potent,Indigenous Isolates of Bacillus ThuringienesXavier RDr. Kunthala JayaramanBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
1997Process Development for Hydantoinase Production,Characterization and Biotransformation of DL Hydroxyphenation to D-P Hydroxyphenylglycine using Agrobacterium Radio Bacter NRRL B11291Anant AcharyProf.Kunthala JayaramanBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
1997cDNA Probe to Detect the Stage and Site Specific Expression of Fibroin Silkworm Bombyx MoriRajan M KDr. Arun BalakrishnanBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
1998Identification and Characterisation of Candidate Genesfor Diagnosis and Immunalogical Studies from Filarial Parasites Brugia malayi and wuchereria bancreftiVenkata Nagaraja Rao KDr. Kaliraj PBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
1998Studies on Genetics Polymorphism and Pcr Based Molecular Diagnosis  of Clinically Important Mycobacterium Sp Infection tuberculos and AIDS patientsSaravana Kumar DDr. Kaliraj PBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
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1999Identification, cloning and characterisation of candidate genes from the filarial parasites Wuchereria Bancrofti and Brugia Malayi for Diagnosis and prophylactic studies:SXP and TransglutaminaseEswaran.DDr.P.KalirajBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
1999Cellular and Molecular Regulatrions of Filorial Sheath Protein Induced Epithelial Apoptosis and Relevance in Tropical Pulmonary RosinphilaBhavani KrihnamoorthyDr. Arun BalakrishnanBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
1999Development and Immunological Characterization of Recombinant Filarical Antigen for the Diagnosis and Edipemiological Studies in human lymphatic filariasisLalitha PDr. Kaliraj PBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
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2000Immunoprophylactic Potential of an L3 Larval Stage Specific Gene, Abundant Larval Transcript-2 (ALT-2) from Brugia Malayi as a Protein and DNA VaccineSabarinathan RDr.P. KalirajBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
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2001Molecular Characterisation and complete Sequencing of four Novel Indian isolates of lepidopterar specific cry I genes of Bacillus ThuringiensisP. NagarathinamDr. Kunthala jayaramanBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
2001Characterisation of Filarial parasitic sheath proteins induced inflammatory Response on epithecial cells in vitro,viathe activation of NF-KBKishore NarayananDr.Arun BalakrishnanBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
2001Study on characterisation and fermentations of a Bacteriocin Isolated from lactococcus garvieaeLatha V.AnandDr.P.KalirajBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
2001Molecular and immunological characterization of Translationally controlled Tumor protein (TCTP) from the fillarial Parasites WUCHERERIA BANCROFTI and Brugia malavi and phage displayed Antigens from L3 stage of Brugia MalayiGnanasekar.MDr.P.KalirajBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
2001The role of outer membrane proteins of heli cobacter pylori in host-pathogen interaction and genotyping of the indian clinical isolatesBenazir BDr Arun BalakrishnanBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
2002Prognostic Value of Cytokines in Cervical CancerPratibha KumariDr. Nagarajan BBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
2002Identification, Cloning, Expression and Characterization of Brugier Malayi Thiuredoxin HomolegueKannan.KDr. Kaliraj PBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
2002Process Optimization Strategies for Biopesticide Production from  BacillusMeenakshi Sundaram.SDr. Kaliraj PBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
2002Cloning Expression purification and charterization of pneumocococcal toxin preumlysinSanthosh MDr.Kaliraj PBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
2003Novel leads isolated Novel Leads isolated from phyllanthus urinaria and aegle marmelos using bioactivity based in vitro screening targent apaptotic cascades in cancer cell lines.Giridharan.PDr.ArunbalakrishnanBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
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2003Cloning and characterization of shrimp white spot syndrome viral proteins and development of Diagnostic EssaysSathish.SDr. Narayanan R BBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
2003Identification of Host Signalling Pathways Activated by Outer Membrane Proteins of Enteropathogenic E. Coli leading inflammation, barrier disruption and apoptosisVasantha.MDr. ArunbalakrishnanBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
2003Development and evalution of rapid immunodiagnositic test kits using the recombinant Filorial Antigen WbSyP-1 for the dignosis of human lymphatic filariasisVijayabaskar.LDr. Kaliraj PBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
2003IN vitro Approach to delineate molecular cross talk between Epithelial and monocytic cells leading to Apoptosis in Tropical pullmonary EoisnophiliaRavesanker.EDr.Arun BalakrishnanBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
2003Cellular Immune Responses and the Protective Efficacy after Immunization with Brugia Malayi Abundant Larval Transcritpion - 2 [ALT - 2] Recombinant Protein Phage Displayed Antigen or As a DNA Vaccine in Mice and Gerbils ModelsPankaj Kumar MishraDr. Kaliraj PBiotechnologyBio-TechnologyPh.d      
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