2000Preparation and Characterization of polymer Electrolytes for battery ApplicationChandrasekaran RDr. Selladurai SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2001Micro Mechanical Investigation of the Interphasal Properties of Carbon Fibre / Poly Phenylene Sulfide Fibre CompositesRamanathan TDr. Subramanian KPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2001Studies on Dye Doped Gelatin Films as Holographic Recording MediaMangaiyarkarasi DDr. Palanisamy P KPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2001Solitons in Some Non-Linear Optical MediaMahalingam ADr. Porsezian KPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2001Sysnthesis Characterisation and High Pressure Investigation on Some Wide Band Gap SemiconductorsSekar ADr. Victor Jaya NPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2001Synthesis spectral and gain studies of amino coumarin dye doped polymer laserVijila.CDr.Ramalingam APhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2002Electronic Band Structure and Physical Properties of Some of the Transitions Metal - Aluminium IntermetallicsRavi CDr. Asokamani RPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2002Photo Dynamic Activity of Aminolevulinic Acid Induced Protoporphyrin IX and Trithia Sapphyrin Sulfonate : In Vitro and in Vivo InvestigationsParameswaran DDr. Ganesan SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2002Thermomechanical Treatment and Laser Nitirding of the Biomaterial Ti-Zr AlloysGeetha ManivasagamDr. Asokamani RPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2002Studies on Thermomechanically Processed and Nitrogen Ion Implanted T1-6A1-7NB Biomedical AlloyThair Latif Al - Zu BaydiDr. Asokamani RPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2002Optical Spectroscopic Characterization of normal and cancerous tissuesVengadesan NDr. Ganesan SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2002Spectral and Laser Studies on Energy Transfer Binary Dye Doped Polymer Laser RodsSesha Bahmini NDr. Ramalingam APhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2002Optical Characterization of Blood and Tissues in Cancer and Other Allied ConditionsMadhuri SDr. Ganesan SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2002Exrperimental investigation of Ballistic performance of glass polyster polymer matrix composite and ceramic Encapsulated Multicomponent Composite SystemsMuthumanickam.M.ADr. Subramanian KPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2002Theoretical investigations of Structural phase transitions  and calculations of physical properities of Ionic Insulators and Cr Te Under PressureKanchana.VDr. Rajagopalan MPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2002Theoretical studies of electronic structure and high pressure behaviour of LA and PR pnictides and chalcogenides.Vaitheeeswaran.GDr.Rajagopalan MPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2002Studies on synthesis and evaluation of mechanical properties of SOL-GEL alumina matrix composites.Vishista.KGanam F DPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2002Left Ventricular Functional Assessment with Doppler and Edge Enhenced ventriculography.Sakthivel SDr. Sivaramprasad G NPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2002High pressure studies on GAN and some wide hand gap semiconductors.Jaya araun.T.KDr. Victor Jaya NPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2002Optical biopsy of cancer using native fluorescence spectroscopy.Ehenezar.JDr.Aruna PPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2002Validity of constrained methods in the solution of higher order inverse vibrational problems in molecular systems.John thiruvadigal.DDr.Gunasekaran SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2002Synthesis and Characterization of Metal - Ion Doped Srimels as Cathode for Lithium BatteriesRuthmangani.IDr. Selladurai SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2002Synthesis and Characterisation of Lithium Cobalt Based Bulk and Thin Films for Battering ApplicationsVasanthi.RDr. Selladurai SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2003Study on dosimetric parameters and treatment evaluation of stereotactic radiosurgery ProceduresSankaranarayanan VDr. Ganesan SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2003Ultrashort Pulse generation by energy transfer distributed feedback dye lasersBasheer Ahamed MDr. Palanisamy P KPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2003Study of Air Pollutaaants present in the Ambient Air of Chennai City during 1998-2000Bhaskaran.ADr. Rajan R DPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2003Study of primary air pollutants present in the ambient air of chennai City During 2000-2002 and Design of Air Quality IndexerSenthilnathan.TDr. Rajan R DPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2003Development of an effectiveness improvement model for technological institutions using logical techniquesJose SDr. Suganthi LPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2004Bioeffect models as clinical prognostic indications forlumour response and normal tissueGanesh. k. mDr.B.N.Sankar.B.NPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2004High pressure investigation on Nd-123 based high temperature superconductions.Selva vennila.RDr.Chinnkali KPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2004Solution Type Pulse Propagation through Nonlinear Periodic Structures in Fiber and Other WaveguidesSenthilnathan KDr. Gnanasekaran SPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2004Studies on maching Characteristies of Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer CompositesPalanikumar.KDr Karunamoorthy.LPhysicsPhysicsPh.d      
2000Synthesis and Characterizations of Acrylated and Methacrylated Epoxypolyamides and their Photocrosslinking by UV RadiationsNagarajan E RDr. Rajeswari Nprinting TechnologyPrinting TechnologyPh.d      
2003Experimental Investigations on Printing Machine Parameters to Monitor the Print QualitySenthil Vadivu KDr. Sankara Narayanan Nprinting TechnologyPrinting TechnologyPh.d      
1996Some Studies on Application of Acoustic Emission Technique For Evaluation of Machining of Metals, Composites and CeramicsKarunamoorthy LDr. Kandasami G SProduction EngineeringProduct EngineeringPh.d      
1999Acoustic Emission Technique for online Tool Condition Monitoring in Turning : A StudySampathkumar SDr. Kandasami G SProduction EngineeringProduct EngineeringPh.d      
2002Studies on grind hardening effect in cyclindirical grindingVenkatachalapathy V S KDr. Raj MohanProduction EngineeringProduct EngineeringPh.d      
1997Investigations on Technological Properties of Typical Subber and Rubber-Short Fibre FormulationsSubrahmanian VDr. Ganapathy SFaculty of EngineeringReliability EngineeringPh.d      
1998Experimental Studies on Rubber Modified Thermosets and Their CompositesKothandaraman BDr. Baskaran PFaculty of EngineeringReliability EngineeringPh.d      
2001Integrated Resources Analysis for Wastelands Management using Remote sensing & Geographic Information system  techniques A case  study in Nagalar sub watershed theni DistrictBhaskaran GDr. NagarathinamInstitute of Remote sensingRemote SensingPh.d      
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