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2001Studies on Advanced Oxidation Process for the Treatment of Textile Dye-Bearing Wastewater and Recycling the Treated WastesRajarajeswari G RDr. Sivasankar BChemistryChemistryPh.d      
2001Studies on Supported Reagents for Acid Catalysed Organic ReactionsDevasayam GDr. Rengaraj KChemistryChemistryPh.d      
2001Photocatalytic Degradation of Leathers Dyes in Aqueous Solution using Solar /UV Illuminated Tio2/Zno CatalystSakthivel SDr. Murugesan VChemistryChemistryPh.d      
2001Studies on Photocrosslinkable Functional Polymers containing Independant Photosensitive ChalconemoietsBalaji RDr. Nanjundan SChemistryChemistryPh.d      
2001Studies on Polyurethanes and Copolyurethanes based on Calcium Salt of Mono (Hydroxybultyl) Phthalate/ HexolateArun Prasath RDr. Nanjundan SChemistryChemistryPh.d      
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2002Studies on Azpbenzene based Organophosphorous Liquid Crystalline PolymersKumerasan SDr. Kannan PChemistryChemistryPh.d      
2002Studies on Ferrocenylene based Organosphorous liquid Crystalline PolymersSenthil SDr. Kannan PChemistryChemistryPh.d      
2002Studies onHomopolymers and Copolymers of Substituted Phenyl Acrylate and Phenyl MethacylalisVijayanand P SDr. Nanjundan SChemistryChemistryPh.d      
2002Catalytic Performance of modified basic gamma, beta and ZSM -5 ZeolitesSundarsan KumarPalanichamy NChemistryChemistryPh.d      
2002Studies on Calcium Containing Polyurethanes Poly (urethane - urea)s and Poly(urethane - ether) SJayakumar RDR Nanjundan SChemistryChemistryPh.d      
2002Synthesis, Characterization and Catalytic activity of Hydrortaclcutelike Compounds (Layered Double Hydroxide)Manivannan RDr. Pandurangan AChemistryChemistryPh.d      
2002Defluoridation of Ground Wastes : Activated Carbon Prepared from Agricultural WastesSivabalan RDr. Murugesan VChemistryChemistryPh.d      
2002Studies on Toughening of fly-ash Based Polyster Pasticulate CompositesGuhanathan SDr. Sarojadevi MChemistryChemistryPh.d      
2002Photcatalytic Degradation of Environmental Endocrine Disruptors in Aqueous SolutionShankar M VDr. Banumathi ArabindooChemistryChemistryPh.d      
2002Peroxo complexes of Zr(IV),Th(IV), Mo(VI) and UC(VI)Manivannan.SDr. Rengaraj KChemistryChemistryPh.d      
2003Metal Ion Catalysed oxidative Decarboxylation of Amino Acid Anions by PeroxomonosulphateKuttirani.SDr. Palanichamy MChemistryChemistryPh.d      
2003Mesoporous Molecular sieves supported Heteropoly Acid for Organic TransformationsMaheswari.RDr. Shanthi KChemistryChemistryPh.d      
2003Catalytic Studies of MCM-41 and metal Substituted MCM-41 in organic ReactionsSelvakumar.SDr. Banumathi ArabindooChemistryChemistryPh.d      
2003Electrochemical Studies of Titanium Based Metal Hydride AlloysRamya KDr. Sridhar PChemistryChemistryPh.d      
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1987Regional Modelling of Nonlinear Flows in Multiaquifer SystemsKrishnasamy K VDr. Sakthivadivel RWater ResourceCivil EngineeringPh.d      
1987System study for large scale water resource planning-an overview with special reference to narmadasagar complex.Venugapal.KDR.Babu rao TCivil EngineeringCivil EngineeringPh.d      
1987Study and Modelling of Manual Lifting CapacityKrishnaiah KNagabhushana Rao BhCivil EngineeringCivil EngineeringPh.d      
1987Optimization of Transmission Line TowersArunachalam SDr. Santhakumar A RCivil EngineeringCivil EngineeringPh.d      
1988Study of Program Termination Using Z Transformation TechniquesArumugam SDr. Venkatachalam P AFaculty of EngineeringCivil EngineeringPh.d      
1989Studies on Transport Phenomena:Experimental Investigation on Cryo Freezing Thermal Gradients of PerishablesVasudevan RDr. Kalanidhi AFaculty of EngineeringCivil EngineeringPh.d      
1989Stress Optimized Suspended Flexible Plastic Liquid ContainersJnanasekaran NDr. Stephen Sandegren DCivil EngineeringCivil EngineeringPh.d      
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