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Computing Facilities:

The Department has three Computer Laboratories, two located in the Main building and the other in CPDE building of CEG Campus, from which Post-graduate students of Mathematics and Computer Science programmes, Research Scholars and Faculty members can access the computing facilities available within the Department and University.

The main propose of these laboratories is to provide the required facilities for Postgraduate students for their laboratory courses and also for the Research Scholars and Faculty members to carry over the computational tasks related to their research works.

Main Building Lab:
The workstations available include:

  • DELL PowerEdge SC1430 Server - 2 (Windows + Linux)
  • DELL Desktop i7 (8GB RAM) - 6 with LED Monitor
  • Acer Desktop i5 (4GB RAM) - 4 with LED Monitor
  • HP Desktop P4 (1GB RAM) - 34 with TFT Monitor
  • Acer Desktop Duo core (1GB RAM) - 30 with Monitor
  • HCL Desktop (Infinity) P4 (1GB RAM) - 30 with Monitor
  • HP Workstations - 2
  • Operating Systems - Windows 2003 server / Windows XP /Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/ Linux (Red hat) /Linux (Fedora)
  • LAN facility under WINDOWS/LINUX platforms.

Extension of Main Computer Lab

  • DELL Desktop i3 (6GB RAM) - 35 with LED Monitor

CPDE Block - DOM Lab
The hardware facilities include:

  • Connoisseur Desktop Core 2 Duo (1GB RAM) - 35 with TFT Monitor
  • IBM x series 230 Server - 2 (Windows + Linux)
  • Software Packages
    Software Packages available in these labs include:

    • Installed / Available
    • Visual Studio 6.0
    • Mathematica 4.2
    • Red hat Linux 7.
    • SPSS
    • Borland C++
    • .Net
    • .Oracle 9i
    • SQL Server
    • Digital System Design Lab
    • 50 Trainer Kits enabling the Students to understand the concepts of the Digital System course through the Practical Experiments.

    Library Facilities:

    Department of Mathematics has its own library consisting of nearly 4000 books. These books include collection of prescribed textbooks for UG / PG level teaching and a collection of few advanced research level books / monographs.

    The Department Library periodically receives books written by well-qualified researchers and scientists under the title of TRIM series (Text and reading in Mathematics) through National Board for Higher Mathematics.

    Further, Department Library receives two periodicals "Mathematical Intelligences" (through NBHM) and "Computer express" regularly.

    Seminar Hall:

    The Department of Mathematics has a well constructed fully equipped Seminar hall in the name of Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. It is a completely air-conditioned hall with a wall mounted LCD Display Projector and amplified sound system, which can accommodate nearly 120 members.