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Funded Research Activities

List of Sponsored Projects Carried Out Recently:

Sl.No Name of the Project Name of the Faculty Sponsoring Agency Amount Status
1. Mesh-Less Finite Volume Method for Three Dimensional Unsteady State Groundwater Flow and Transport through Saturated Porous Medium Dr. L. Jones Tarcius Doss DST - SERB, India Rs.13,88,400 Ongoing
2. DNA Cryptography Dr.S. Anbarasu CTDT, Anna University Rs. 50,000 Completed
3. Queueing Models for Computer Systems Dr.K.V.Vijayashree CTDT, Anna University Rs. 50,000 Completed
4. Some problems in the Topology of manifold Dr.Vimala Ramani CTDT, Anna University Rs. 30,000 Completed