At the Department of Media Sciences, students have access to well-designed and fully-equipped labs and studios that can help them prepare for real-world industry challenges. Periodically updated with the latest technology and equipment, they help bridge the theory and practice gap via a hands-on training approach.

Video Studio

The Department of Media Sciences has a state-of-the-art video studio with advanced Teleprompter, PCR and ACR setup and lighting setup for a perfect hands-on experience for students in production with industry standards. Students have access to the latest professional video cameras, DSLRs and SLRs with all the required accessories.

Audio Studio

The digital audio laboratory allows students to undergo real-time training in audio recording, mixing and layering. Aspiring audio production enthusiasts have access to the latest microphones, digital audio recorders and also to software like Sound Forge and Nuendo. Students also have an opportunity to freelance with the award-winning Anna FM, India's first community radio which functions from the Department of Media Sciences.

Multimedia Lab

The multimedia laboratory is equipped with the latest versions of 2D, 3D and compositing software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Animate, Autodesk Max, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D and Foundry Nuke. This allows aspiring animators and designers to experiment in domains like programming, animation, designing and compositing.

Editing Lab

At the editing laboratory, students can work on improving their post-production skills and techniques. The editing laboratory has editing softwares such as Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro working in Macintosh. Exclusive workstations are also provided for those who specialize in editing with AVID software. Students can also experience the workflow of Color Correction and Color Grading through software like DaVinci Resolve.


A treasure trove of knowledge and consisting of books on every possible media topic, the Library at the Department of Media Sciences houses over 4,000 books. The Library offers students numerous book titles that cover multiple fields, to help them develop their skills and for academic research. International and Indian publications cover areas like journalism, communication, audio production and presentation, video production, lighting techniques, video camera handling, non-linear editing, advertising, public relations, corporate communication, media laws, media management, web designing, user interface, user experience, 2D and 3D graphics, game development, visual effects, digital compositing and media research methods.


The department has modern classrooms and meeting halls for teaching, discussions, activities and video screening. All classrooms are well ventilated and some are even air-conditioned. Each classroom is equipped with a LCD projector and marker board.