Student Profiles

Department of Media Sciences
College of Engineering, Guindy
Anna University, Chennai, India

Student Researches
Challenges Faced in Animating Celebrity-A Case Study on 'Sultan-The Warrior'
Impact of FM Programmes among Youth with Special Reference to Hello FM
The Visual Appeal Of Television Commercials
Effect of Culture Based Commercial During Festival Seasons
Print Media Coverage on Special Economic Zones
Impact of  Educational Multimedia Package on Under-Privileged Children
Coverage of Business News in Newspaper with Reference to 'The Hindu'
Impact of Advertisement in Creating Cancer Awareness
Role of Media in Public Understanding of Stem Cells [in Chennai]
A Study on Elements Behind the Success of TV Commercials
Portrayal of Srilankan Tamils by Movies
A Comparative Study of Factual Programmes - BBC& NDTV 24x7
A Review of Literature on Latest Successful Developments in online Advertising 
Impact of Dubbed Commercials in Tamil TV Channels
Innovative Media Strategies to Build Employer' Branding
A Study on the Recent Gujarat Elections in Reference with "The Hindu" & "The New Indian Express"
Effectiveness of Latest Technologies in Stunt Choreography in Tamil Cinema
An Exploratory Study on Digital Cinema Technologies with Reference to Distribution & Projection in Chennai
Study on Graphic Designing-Classic to Contemporary
Tobacco and alcohol use in u-rated children animated movies
Media Exposure of Football in Chennai  
Effect of Really Simple Syndications[RSS] News Feeds in online Media
Intermedia Comparisons on Advertising Media Planning
Impact Of Web Interface on Consumer Behaviour in Online Shopping
Review of Literature on Social Networking Websites
News or Entertainment: A Comparative Study on Television News
A Study on the Role of Visual Effects in Science  Fiction Movies
Youth and Fm Radio
A  Study on the Regional Newspapers on Sethusamudram Issue
Review of Literature on Media Piracy using Internet File Sharing Technology 
 Review of Literature on Print and Web Advertising
A Study on Cyber Crimes in e-Business 
Effectiveness of Synchronous e-Learning in School Education With Special Reference to  Puducherry
Advertisements in Video Games
Impact of Celebrity Usage in Public Service Advertising
Effectiveness of Sports Persons as Brand Ambassadors in Commercials
Impact of Satellite Based Telemedicine System in Rural Areas in Tamilnadu
A Study on Consumer Attitude Towards  Mobile Marketing 
A Study on the Role of Supplements in Promotion of Newspapers Circulation with Reference to The Hindu

Effectiveness of Advocacy Advertising of Airtel

Consumers perception on Shopping through new media

A Study on the Farmers Perception of Climatic Change- A Theoritical Design of a Communication S trategy.

A Descriptive Study on Citizen Journalism in India

Science Communication through Commercial through Commercial FM Radio Stations in Chennai

A Study on Media Habits of Women Labourers in Industries- Tutucorin

A Study on the Usage of Performance Capture in Movies

A Study on factors Influencing Mobile Advertising

A Study on the Coverage of Business News by TV News Channels.( NDTV Profit, CNN IBN) with special influence to Stock Market Trading

A Study on Promotional events and its Impact on Sales with Special Reference to Maruti Suzuki.

A Study on the Effectiveness of Online Learning among College Students at Chennai

A Study on the Cultural Event with special reference to Chennai Sangamam

A Study on the Promotion of Alternative Medicine in Regional Television Channel with reference to RAJ TV

Application of Steganography in Journalism

Brand Shift and its Effects with special reference to HUTCH(VODAFONE)

A Study on the Televison Viewing Habits of Slum People in Chennai

A Study on the Recent Trends adopted in Promoting Tamil Cinema in 2008

A Study on the Role of Television Soaps on Portraying Western Culture Among Women

A Study on the Media Framing of Environmental Conflicts with reference to Sethu Samudram Fishing Canal Project

Research on Rural PC Kiosks and customised Content Delivery Model for Internet in Rural Area

A Study on the Coverage of Offences related to Women in Print Media

A study on Coverage of Environmental conflicts on 24 Hours TV. National English News Channel

A Study on Text-Free User Interface Design for Fishermen

Comparitive Study on 35mm Anamorphic and Super 35mm in Tamil Film Industry

A Study on the Different Forms of Communication Among FisherFolk of Kasimedu

Print Media Coverage of Solid Waste Management in Chennai

A Study on the Effectiveness of Health Communication among Rural Women

M-Learning: A Study on the Effectiveness of Mobile Phones as Learning Tool

a Descriptive Study on Graphics and Animated Commercials with special reference to Automotives

Marketing Strategies for Sanitary Napkins produced by Self-Help Groups

A Study on te influence of 3D games among Chennaites

ICT Mediated Communicatio Strategies for Enhancing Agriculatural Communication and Knowledge Management