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The Department of Medical Physics offers M.Sc., Medical Physics & Ph.D. Programmes in Laser spectroscopy, Medical Optics, Radiation technology applied to Health care.

The Department is well equipped with state–of–the–Art equipments for photonics.

Anna University has introduced postgraduate program in M.Sc Medical Physics , first of its kind in Asia, in the year 1981 in collaboration with Cancer Institute Adyar, Chennai and Bhaba Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai.

The purpose of Medical Physics program is to promote the application of Physics to medicine and biology, encourage R&D in medical Physics and related fields and develop man power.

Areas of specialities in Medical Physics are widely varied in scope and breadth. As a consequence of the technological evolution of the discipline thee are numerous opportunities in academia and clinics in medical physics and biomedical engineering to provide better diagnosis and treatment of diseases.


The Medical Physics course is committed to being at the forefront of finding better diagnosis and treatments for cancer patients coupled with cutting edge research in medical physics, biology and health services.


  • Promote and develop manpower in the field of Physics in Medicine and Biology.
  • Encourage R&D in Radiation Technology, Mediphotonics, Energy, Environmental and Healthcare materials.
  • Introduce advancement in the practice of principles of Physics for diagnosis and treatment of disease by educating students, on the concepts of radiological physics, medical imaging, radiation therapy and radiation safety aspects.
  • Provide students with necessary foundation and confidence through rigorous teaching, hands-on practice and mentored research.

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