Charge List


Important Notice

As per the guidelines of the Government funding agencies in all publications of research work, where in the analytical services of our facilities have been made use of, acknowledge to the funding agencies respective to the utilized equipment, as mention by the operator.  Kindly send us the publication reference (Journal name/volume number/names of the authors/date of issue of the publication etc).

Request Form and Mode of Payment

Analysis request form can be collected from the office of Department of Medical Physics, Sir. C.V. Raman Science Block, Anna University, Chennai- 600015. (Contact No.: 044- 2235 9933).
Payments are expected to be received by the office before the analysis. Please make sure that the payment is received along with the samples. Payments are to be made only by crossed demand draft (DD).
DD should be drawn in favour of “The Director, CSRC, Anna University, Chennai- 600 025” payable at Chennai.
Data will be given only in DD/RW-DVD.

Charge details (Per Sample)

*Inclusive of GST@18%
S.No Facility Analysis Educational Institutes (Rs.) Total Amount (Rs.)
1 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Lambda 35, Perkin ElmerUSA.) Absorption spectrum 300 600
2 FTIR Spectrometer (JASCO, Japan) Infrared Absorption spectrum 300 600
3 Steady State Spectrophotometer (Fluoromax-2, ISA; Jobin Yvon-Spex, Edison, NJ,USA.) 1. Excitation Spectrum
2. Emission Spectrum
3. Synchronous Spectrum
300 600
Excitation Emission Matrix (Contour Image) 700 1400
4 Time Correlated Single Photon Counting System (Fluorolog 3, HORIBA Jobin Yvon, INC, NJ,USA.) Excited State Decay Kinetics 500 1,000
5 Confocal Micro Raman Spectrometer (LabRAM HR 800, HORIBA JOBIN YVON, France.) with wave length 488, 633 & 785 nm. Raman Spectrum 500 1,000
Raman Imaging 1,000 2,000
6 Capillary Electrophoresis – Laser Induced Fluorescence (SCIEX, Germany ) Absorption Spectra 500 1,000
Laser Induced Fluorescence Spectra 1,000 2,000
7 Confocal microscope imaging Fluorescence imaging / Z-Stacking Anna University Other University / National Lab / R & D Industry
Rs. 1,800/- per hour Rs.3,000/-per hour Rs.5,000/- per hour