Project Funding

S.No Project Title Investigators Collaborators/Agency/Grant Year
Ongoing Projects
1 Anna University recognized has a University with Potential for Excellence by UGC. Medical Physics also having its own contribution in it. Dr. S. Ganesan UGC- UPE 300 Lakhs Ongoing (2016-2021)
2 Engineering 2D nanostructures for drug-carrier applications. Dr. R. Vidya DST-SERB Rs. 35.34 Lakhs Ongoing (2021-2024)
3 Theoretical and Experimental Studies on Functional Materials Dr. R. Vidya, Dr.P.Ravindran, & Dr. Anja Olafsen Sjåstad SIU-Norway Rs. 34 lakhs Ongoing (2018–2022)
4 India-Norway cooperative program on Research and Teaching on Renewable Energy Materials. Dr. R. Vidya, Dr. P. Ravindran, & Dr. Helmer Fjellvåg Research Council of Norway Rs. 28 Lakhs Ongoing (2018–2022)
5 Studies on Oxide surfaces for Nitrous oxide abatement. Dr. R. Vidya & Dr. Anja Olafsen Sjåstad University of Oslo, Norway Rs. 13 Lakhs Ongoing (2018-2022)
6 Fabrication of Silica Based Biomaterials from Natural Waste Towards Low Cost Bio Products Dr. D. Durgalakshmi DST Rs. 35 Lakhs Ongoing (2016–2021)
7 Impact of extratropical planetary wave forcing on the tropical weather. Dr. G. J. Bhagavathiammal  DST-SERB Rs. 18.38 Lakhs Ongoing (2017-2021)
completed Projects
8 In vitro and In vivo studies of the Phototodynamic activity on superficial Carcinoma. Dr. V. Masilamani & Dr. S. Ganesan DAE/NLP Rs. 17.14 Lakhs 1999-2000
9 Fabrication of Rapid diagnostic system for cancer tissues. Dr. S. Ganesan & Dr. P. Aruna AICTE Rs. 12.00 Lakhs 1999-2000
10 Photonic Phathology of Neooplastic changes by native fluorescence spectroscopy. Dr. S. Ganesan & Dr. P. Aruna DST Rs. 17 Lakhs 1998-2001
11 Investigation on Photodynamic therapy of cancer in animal models. Dr. S. Ganesan & Dr. P. Aruna DAE/ BRNS Rs. 21. 15 Lakhs 1998-2001
12 Study of Tissue optics for Diagnostic and Therapeutic applications. Dr. S. Ganesan & Dr. P. Aruna TWAS ICTP, Italy.Rs. 1.80 Lakhs  1999-2001
13 Monte Carlo Dosimetry for Brachetheraphy sources. Dr. P. Aruna & Dr. S. Ganesan DAE/BRNS Rs. 18.56 Lakhs 2001-2004
14 In vivo radiation dosimetry for diagnostic and therapeutic applications: Theroretical and Experimental investigations. Dr. S. Ganesan, Dr. P. Aruna & Dr. J. Velmurugan CSIR Rs. 13.66 Lakhs 2005-2008
15 Radiological risk assessment of public around Nuclear power reactor from medical exposure. Dr. S. Ganesan, Dr. P. Aruna & Dr. J. Velmurugan DAE Rs. 8.12 Lakhs 2006-2007
16 Setting up of laser facility for medical and technological applications. Dr. S. Ganesan Co-Investigators: Dr. P. Aruna, Dr. G. Baranidharan, Dr. D. Koteeswaran,Dr. K. Muthuvelu DAE/ BRNS Rs. 422 Lakhs 2010-2016
17 Theoretical investigations on materials relevant for renewable-energy technology. Dr. R. Vidya DST-SERB Rs.20.16 lakhs 2015-2018
18 Understanding Oxide Materials for Renewable Energy Applications. Dr. R. Vidya, Dr. P. Ravindran, Dr. H. Fjellvåg & Dr. A.O. Sjåstad SIU-Norway & UGC- India Rs. 32 Lakhs 2015-2018