Research Facilities in Anna University

Multiphoton Confocal Microscope

To capture fluorescence and fluorescence resonance energy transfer images of cells

  • MakeCarl Zeiss LSM 880, USA
  • FundedUGC-UPE

  • CostRs.2,38,59,406

Confocal Raman Microscope

To study the vibrational related structural fingerprint of molecules

  • MakeLABRAM HR 800, HORIBA, France
  • FundedDAE-BRNS

  • CostRs.1,22,88,638

ATR – FTIR Microscope

To study the infrared spectrum of a solid, liquid or gas

  • MakeJASCO, Japan
  • FundedDST-PURSE & FIST
  • CostRs.23,90,407

Steady State fluorescence Spectrometer

To record the fluorescence emission spectra & Excitation-Emission matrix of fluorophores

  • MakeFluoromax-2, HORIBA
  • FundedDST

  • CostRs.11.5 lakhs

Fiber Coupled Fluorometer with CCD Detector

To collect Excitation-Emission Matrix and Absorbance at higher speed

  • Makemake:Aqualog, HORIBA, USA
  • FundedDST-FIST

  • CostRs. 46,94,790

Time Correlated Single Photon Counting Studies

To calculate fluorescence lifetime of the samples having luminescence property

  • MakeFlurolog-3, HORIBA, USA
  • FundedDST-FIST

  • CostRs. 65 lakhs

Capillary Electrophoresis -LASER Induced Fluorescence

To collect very high sensitivity and compound specificity of organic compounds

  • MakeSciex
  • FundedDAE-BRNS
  • CostRs.74,14,570

HPLC with Spectrofluorometer

To separate components from aqueous solution and observing the optical properties

  • MakeShimadzu
  • FundedDST-FIST
  • CostRs.45,70,000

Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

To observe live cell analysis and imaging

  • MakeNikon ECLIPSE TE300, Japan
  • FundedDST

  • CostRs. 7.5 lakhs

UV-Vis. Spectrophotometer

To collect absorption, transmission and reflectance of fluid samples/ samples in aqueous medium

  • MakeJASCO,Japan
  • FundedDAE-BRNS
  • CostRs. 4.5 lakhs

Ti-Sapphire Femtosecond Laser

Can be used as a source for laser excitation from 650 to 1100 nm

  • MakeSpectra physics, Mai-Tai, Deepsee, USA
  • FundedDAE-BRNS
  • CostRs. 74,76,863

Crime Scope

  • Make
  • FundedDAE-BRNS
  • CostRs. 3.9 lakhs

Tissue Culture Facility

To grow and maintain mammalian cells

  • MakeBiosafety hood, Inverted fluorescence microscope, CO2 incubators

  • FundedDST-PURSE

  • CostRs. 20 Lakhs

ICT Facilities

Material properties simulation and bioinformatics

  • Scientific SoftwareVASP-PAW, Wien2k, Gaussian, RSPT, SPSS, MATLAB

  • FundedDST-PURSE, DST-SERB, Indo-Norway joint project
  • CostRs. 10 Lakhs

TPS Laboratory

ELECTA sponspored Software

  • Make

  • Funded

  • Cost