Details of Ph.D scholars on role

S.No Photo Name Research title Supervisor’s Name Mode
1 Mr. T. Premkumar Density function theory calculations on transparent conducting Nitrides and Oxides Dr. R. Vidya Full-Time
2 Mr. S. Anandh Insights of anti-cancer activity of targeted protein using optical spectroscopy and computational approach Dr. G. Bharanidharan Part-Time
3 Ms. C.Bhuvaneswari Characterization of Diabetic Retinopathy and estimation of tear film break up time using ocular thermography Dr. P. Aruna Part-Time
4 Ms. P. Shobhana Early breast cancer detection using thermal imaging Dr. P. Aruna Part-Time
5 Mr. S. Muthukrishnan Oxide surfaces for Nitrous Oxide abatement Dr. R. Vidya Full-Time
6 J.M. Thoufeeq Cancer discrimination using Multiphoton Confocal Fluorescence Imaging Dr. P. Aruna Full-Time
7 Ms. Lynn Salome Daniel Studies on large scale dynamical processes in the Tropical Middle atmosphere Dr. G.J.Bhagavathiammal Full-Time
8 Ms. J. Gayathri Diagnosis of cancer using fluorescence spectroscopy and multiphoton imaging and the effective study of chemopreventive agents on them Prof. P. Aruna Full-Time
9 Ms. M. Gajalakshmi Vertical dynamical coupling of Equatorial Atmosphere-Ionosphere systems Dr. G.J.Bhagavathiammal Full-Time
10 Ms. A. Alloffy mary Exploring High-Performance Hybrid Perovskites for High Energy Radiation Detection Dr. R. Vidya Full-Time
11 Ms. K. Gayathri Dimensional Nanomaterials for Drug-carrier Applications Dr. R. Vidya Full-Time
12 Amrita Duraiswamy The Role Of Genetics In Kidney Disease Before And After Replacement Therapy And Esrd In Physical And Various Aspects Dr.P.Aruna Part-Time
13 G Purnima S Role of Quality Assurance in High Precision Radiotherapy Dr.G.Bharanidharan Part-Time
14 Sidonia Valas X Study of Dosimetric Parameters in Image Guided Radiotherapy Dr.G.Bharanidharan Part-Time
15 M. Senthil Kumar Patient and radiation worker safety in Medical radiation imaging by dose elimination and optimization Dr. J. Velmurugan Part-Time
16 P. Tamil Kumar Compating the dosimetric parameters of IMRT and Radpid Arc for Breast and lung cancer Dr. J. Velmurugan Part-Time