About Physics Department

Founded in 1978, the Department of Physics at Anna University is a dynamic center for both teaching and research, with a strong emphasis on fundamental and applied physics within the realm of materials. Our dedication to academic excellence is reflected in the diverse range of courses we offer, catering to various educational and research pursuits. The department's curriculum includes:

M.Sc. (Materials Science)
This program delves into the intricacies of materials, exploring their properties, behavior, and applications.

M.Tech. (Laser & Electro Optical Engineering)
Focusing on laser technology and electro-optical engineering, this program equips students with specialized knowledge.

M.Phil. (Physics) & Ph.D. (Physics)
These research-oriented programs provide an avenue for in-depth exploration of physics concepts.

Additionally, our commitment to holistic education is evident in our provision of Engineering Physics courses to first-year B.E/B.Tech students. This nurtures versatile talents, preparing them to address the multifaceted challenges of the future

Our research endeavors encompass both experimental and computational domains, reflecting our diverse interests and capabilities. We actively explore Materials Devices for Energy Conversion and Storage, Computational Materials Science, Chaos Theory, Nonlinear Dynamics and Applications, High-Pressure Physics, Soft Matter, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Crystal Growth and Crystal Physics, Thin films, Bioenergy and more.

At the Department of Physics, Anna University, our legacy of over four decades exemplifies our dedication to advancing knowledge and fostering skilled individuals who can shape the future of scientific exploration and technological innovation.

Our Vision

Department of Physics at Anna University shall strive towards the world class centre by producing students with higher technical knowledge, professional skills, and other values. The Department shall provide an outstanding experience in teaching, research and consultancy. The Department shall perform frontier research and create a knowledge base in pure and applied physics, materials science, laser engineering, and areas of technological importance.

Our Mission

Department of Physics, Anna University shall provide high-quality physics education, producing well-prepared students who are intellectually and technically equipped in their abilities and understanding of physics and in particular materials science. The Department of Physics promotes high quality academic and research programmes and providing extension services in cutting edge technologies in materials science and laser engineering. The Department of Physics ensures the supportive campus climate in academic and research activities by meeting the need of the students, faculty and staff.

Programmes Offered

M.Sc. Material Science
M.Tech. Laser & Electro-Optical Engineering
M.Phil. Physics
Ph.D. Physics
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