Research Projects

  • Ongoing

    1. Development of Biodegradable Packaging Materials and their Printability Testing- Rs. 75,00,000.00 funded by UGC- SAP
    2. Freshness Indicators for poultry meat Packages by Inkjet Printing to ensure food safety- Rs.63,37,000.00 funded by DBT,Ministry of Science, Government of India
  • Completed

    1. New Polymers for Surface Coatings: Synthesis and Characterization Application to Printing Inks - Rs.15,92,400.00 funded by DST
    2. Photocrosslinkable Polymers and Surface Coatings - Rs.9,00,000.00 funded by AICTE.
    3. Modernization of Platemaking Laboratory - Rs.8,00,000.00 funded by AICTE MODROBS.
    4. Ultraviolet Curable Coatings: Effect of Diluents on Epoxy Acrylates – Rs.25,000 funded by UGC
  • Research Projects

  • The thurst area of research undertaken in the departments are :
    1. Development of new packaging materials.
    2. Mechanical Analysis in Diagonal flute corrugated board.
    3. Finding the heat transfer coefficient for milk in agitated vessels.
    4. Preparation and characterization of polymeric nanocomposites for packaging application.
    5. Nanocomposites in food packaging applications.
    6. Freshness Indicators for Meat Packages by Inkjet Printing.
    7. Biodegradable Coatings.