1. Assessment Pattern - HS8381 Interpersonal Skills / Listening and Speaking
  2. Circular - Revised Curricula & Syllabi of B.E. / B.Tech.(R-2013)
  3. Guidelines for forwarding the applications received from colleges to UGC for extension of Autonomous Status and award of Autonomous Status
  4. Affiliated Institutions - Notification-Arrear Examinations
  5. Affiliated Institutions - Notification-Addition/Exemption of subjects for UG students - R 2004 (Annual Pattern)
    to R 2008 (Semester Pattern)

  6. Affiliated Institutions - Faculty wise list - Additional Subjects to studied and subjects exempted in respect of students admitted in - R 2004 (Annual Pattern) to R 2008 (Semester Pattern)

  7. Affiliated colleges - Notification regarding the Addition / Exemption of Subjects-III Semester

  8. Curriculum and syllabi to be followed by the students admitted prior to 2011-2012

  9. Affiliated Institutions - Corrected Course Code for Environmental Science and Engineering of UG Degree Porgramme under Regulations 2008

  10. Affiliated Colleges - Regulation 2008

  • Anna University was established on 4th September 1978 as a unitary type of University. It offers higher education in Engineering, Technology and Applied Sciences. In a short span of time the University has reached high standards in higher education to enjoy world-wide recognition in Engineering, Technology and Applied Sciences. Considering its excellent growth the Government of Tamil Nadu in December 2001 upgraded it to an affiliating type by attaching about 250 Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu to it..

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