ANUSAT - Anna University Satellite

Launched on 20th April, 2009 


     During the one year that immediately preceded the launch and the two months following the launch, we had been camping on and off (mostly on) at the ISAC, VSSC, SHAR and ISTRAC campuses of ISRO. We had closely interacted with, and received direct help from nearly two hundred scientists, engineers and technicians of ISRO. Every day we thought were running the extra mile, and as days passed, the days and the miles got longer. The many hurdles we had to overcome during round the clock testing were often very strenuous, frustrating and depressing. We were extremely fortunate that all our shortcomings in terms of manpower , material, and knowhow were seamlessly addressed on a war footing to enable us meet the launch deadlines. But for the sustained encouragement we received from the entire ISRO fraternity, we would have called it quits many times and long before.
     Anusat also owes its existence to a few elders who are no longer with ISRO but had passionately pursued the case of Indian Universities getting involved with the art and science of microsatellites. It is these people who patiently sat with us and conducted more than 100 odd day long review meetings before the work on Anusat started gaining momentum.
     There are still some gaps to be filled by us. But today, each pass of Anusat over Chennai gives us immense joy and we remember all the individuals at ISRO who helped us make this happen. There are a few more satellite building efforts by other Indian Universities, and we wish that they too will be nurtured and given the same level of encouragement that we received from ISRO.
     It may not be appropriate here to name the various individuals. Given alongside on this page is an almost complete list of ISRO divisions/departments which made Anusat first appear possible, and then, inspite of extreme shortcomings from our side, rose to the occasion and helped us convert Anusat into a reality.

We ackowledge

  1. ISAC
    Structures Group
    Power Electronics/Solar Panel/Battery Divisions
    Onboard Computer (OBC) group
    Central Electronics Fabrication Facility (CEFF)
    Environmental Testing Facility (ETF)
    Thermal Systems Group
    Systems Integration Group
    Digital Systems Division
    Communication Systems Division
    Control Systems Group
    Flight Dynamics Group
    Mission Group (for schemacs support)
    Program Office - IRS/SSS
  2. LEOS:
    Magnetometer group
    Photonics systems group
  3. ISTRAC:
    Mission Operations and Health Analysis (MOHA)
    Ground Operations
  4. VSSC
    PSLV Team
  5. SHAR: All Facilities
  6. ISRO Headquarters

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