Madras Institute of Technology Campus
Anna University
Chromepet, Chennai-44


  The Telecommand, Telemetry & Tracking Ground Station for ANUSAT is set up at the Department of Electronics Engineering, MIT campus of Anna University, Chennai. Initial post-launch operations were carried out from ISTRAC Bangalore. Subsequently, the ground station at MIT became fully operational from the second week of July 2009.
   Chennai falls under the footprint of ANUSAT four times a day and each pass is around 10 minutes in duration. Since its launch on the 20th of April, 2009, ANUSAT has been consistently beaming its Telemetry signal which is indicative of the normal health of all the main subsystems of ANUSAT. Even at elevations as low as 4', MIT Ground Station receives Telemetry data and the transmitted Telecommands are successfully received and operated on-board.

Antenna Constellation
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