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  Store and Forward (S & F) Payload Overview

             The Store and Forward payload of the ANUSAT is used to transfer Text messages among ground terminals in the footprint of the satellite. In this system the originating ground station sends a message to the ANUSAT, the satellite stores the message in on-board memory, and delivers the stored message to the destination ground station upon request. Hence it is called store and forward (S & F) payload. On successful message transfer, the mail is deleted from the memory. Otherwise, it is retained in the memory for 10 visibility periods. It is particularly attractive in areas in which conventional terrestrial communication systems were not available.

  Store and Forward (S & F) Payload Specifications:

  • S&F payload is designed
  • To support 16 users
  • 10 minute visibility period
  • 4 visibility periods in a day
  • Support 4 users in a visibility period
  • Uplink Frequency : 435MHz
  • Downlink Frequency : 145.8MHz
  • Data rate: 1.2Kbps
  • Modulation : BFSK
  • 268 byte frame
  • 4 pages of plain text per user per visibility