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Solar Array Formation

The total power requirement of the subsystem is 40 Watts including the power required to charge the batteries. The solar array is to be sized to produce a minimum of 40 watts. Assuming 8 watts of power margin, the solar panel is designed to generate a total power of 48 Watts. The panels are mounted on four sides of the satellite, and all in the form of bellyband. Due to the spin of the satellite, the power generated from bellyband varies over the spin period. The average power is expected to vary by 6% as the solar aspects angle varies 15 to 25 .

Series and parallel circuits are formed with the solar cells to obtain the required voltage and current levels. The cells arranged in series are called strings. The cell dimensions and the size of the satellite decide the total number of strings that can be accommodated in the available panel space. The Bus Voltage and the size of the satellite decide the number of series circuits called string and the current decides the number of parallel circuits. The strings are shunted simultaneously when no power injection is required for the bus. In case of switch failure in open mode, a resistive load is added to remove excess power.

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