ANUSAT - Anna University Satellite

Launched on 20th April, 2009 


Exceeding its mission life of two years, Anusat completes 15287 orbits around the earth over 995 days as on 9th January 2012.

     After completing more than fifteen thousand orbits in space, Anusat still continues to beam its health signals continuously. These can be received in any part of world at four pre-specified time slots every day. We have been communicating with Anusat and monitoring its health every day since its launch. Most of the critical subsystems including power electronics, the solar arrays, the batteries, DC-DC converters, the data acquisition and on board computers, onboard control algorithms, the RF telemetry transmitters, the telecommand receivers, the magnetometers, the sun sensors are all working very well and much better than our expectations.

     Every day, Anusat emerges over the horizon precisely as per predictions, right to the second. It broadcasts its health parameters including solar and battery power status, its temperatures, onboard magnetic field measurements, angle to sun, its spin rate and much more. Simultaneously, if required, it lends itself to be commanded from ground to control its spin rate, spin axis and carry out other operations needed.

     One thousand days on and the student built Anusat is going strong...

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